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Review: Orange Is The New Black – Series

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Jenji Kohan’s fabulous series Orange is the New Black is filled with a whole range of human emotions and thrilling backstories from every character.

With performances from a cast such as That’ 70’s shows Laura Prepon, Kate Mulgrew and Taylor Schilling, and very well written dialogue, they really bring their characters stories to life.

Kohan tells a story about Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling), a Brooklyn hipster who dreams of her soap line being sold in Barney’s. However, her life gets turned upside down when she discovers she has to go to Litchfield federal prison near New York for 15 months for conspiring in marijuana distribution 10 years ago.

Throughout the series, Piper goes through many difficult situations.

During her time in the prison, she is able to offend the most powerful inmate in the prison, Red (Kate Mulgrew), the prison chef. As a result, her life gets turned into a living hell. But it gets worse, as Piper meets her former lover Alex (Laura Prepon).

With drug smuggling, attempted murders, WAC packs and chicken chases, this show gives everything from humour to poignancy.

The TV series is based on a memoir of the same name by Piper Kerman, who served as a consultant during the series.

At the end of series 1, Pensatuckeyattempts to kill Piper, however, Piper retaliates.

At the start of series 2, Piper is awakened in solitary and without being told where she is going, she is forced to board a bus and a plane. When she lands she realises that she is in fact in Chicago and thinks that she is being moved for killing Pensatuckey.

After Piper sees Alex, she asks what is gong on and she finds out that they are there to testify in the trail of Alex’s drug boss, and she didn’t kill Pensatuckey. Alex tells Piper to lie about knowing Kurba even though Piper wants to tell the truth.

During the trail, Piper does what Alex told her and lied. However, after the trail Alex speaks to Piper and tells her that she had told the truth, which complicates matters for Piper, who then faces additional time and perjury charges. Alex then gets released and Piper shouts angrily at her.

Vee is now in Litchfield and takes Tastey under her wing as a daughter. Piper goes back to Litchfield and gets released from solitary after a month. As red no longer works in the kitchens she and the older woman go to the green house and find a sewer drain and starts importing in things for the ladies.

Larry and Polly sleep together, Vee starts importing cigarettes and Bennet tells Cuputo that Daya is pregnant.

To find out more, watch the show.