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Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1

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The past year iffy factory Inc. is the creates of Japanese RPG game company that made a few great titles on the PS vita but due to the sells from the PS Vita was low from western sells, the company though an idea to bring their games from PS Vita to PC. The idea of this small chance of selling well, as the first game came out on PC that is supported on the steam client system.

The Hyperdimesion Neptunia Re; Birth 1 is a Japanese RPG that was released world-wide that had the interface translated to English and the voice acting too, the whole game was moved from a basic portable device game to a PC game product.

The dialogues of the game is on a high level with the voice acting for each character has their own personally when they are talking and their body language due to the game was moved from Portable device the voice acting only happens at main parts of the plot, this can be hard to follow the plot without the cute voice acting of the characters but due respect the game is still overall excellent dialogues of all the main characters and some of the supporting characters with voice acting.

The gameplay is a solid and straightforward for a Japanese RPG, the battles are straightforward for the normal enemies that shown on the little mini map as the red colour and can help the player grind the way up the levels and they will drop items that the user can use to create items or could be traded in to the Guild that gives users quests that could be easily completed by killing boss enemies or normal ones, after finishing the quest, the player will get a item that they seen on the quest rewards also the small quests will help the ending the story.

The main story is set world where four CPU’s are fighting for shares that they get from their people also known as their nations, that they keep in control or rule over and protect them. The Main character the player play as is Neptune that has lost her memory after the big fight that happened that is shown to player when starting the story. Neptune is trying to find out about her though out the story, also the story has great self-aware humour though out the plot.

The Details of all the characters models was greatly details with there personalises, this gives the characters meaning in the game and their part in the story, also the characters attack animations and the special have been cared for the details with the weapons attacks and moves the player can choose from or change the attacks to different ones with different animations of there own.

The customization of characters have been greatly detailed so that players can change the clothes that the characters are wearing while fighting in the dungeons or during the boss battles, there are different types of items the characters can wear and also can done to the CPU form too, so the changes to the CPU can give CPU buffs to type of special attacks they can do.

The game graphics are anime based that gives the gameplay a great colourful world with a little darkness themed for some parts of the game and scenes, the types of cute and beautiful scenes brings the player into the world and makes feel like in the place that the main characters at, the themed backdrops for each scene the characters are talking works well in the nations and the dungeons, that they are fighting in or during talks with the characters that you in a party or just random NPC’s that give random items for you.
Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1

By Thomas Foster

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