Scott Hastie

Independence Day: Resurgence trailer lands

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July 4th 1996 may go down as Earth’s finest hour. We faced and defeated large squid-like aliens with the help of a Chaos Theorist and The Fresh Prince. Granted it was just a film, but next year, ten years on, they return. And boy oh boy are we in trouble!

Yes after ten years we have a trailer for the long awaited, long spoken about Independence Day 2, which now we know is called Resurgence. A lot has changed over 10 years. Will Smith’s Steve Hiller has perished during testing of Alien technology, which Earth now uses to protect itself. His son, Dylan is now a heart-throb and follows in his father’s footsteps in the military. And most importantly, Bill Pullman has a badass beard.
With the exception of Smith, all of the cast including legends Judd Hirsch and Jeff Goldblum return for the sequel, with Hunger Games’ stacked Aussie Liam Hemsworth stepping into the lead role aside Goldblum.

What you really want to know about is what the Aliens are packing though huh?! Well they are back and this time they’ve brought a bigger ship. Ten years has done wonders to CGI too, with the ship smurfing cities and turning the sky into a horrible black and firey mess. One thing’s for sure, these Aliens are bringing one hell of a party to us!