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Three Tim Burton films to watch this Christmas

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Even as a young child I was always fascinated by stuff that was, how shall we say ‘macabre’ I loved the colour black, death, skulls, supernatural stuff and things that went bump in the night and then one Christmas when I was a 9 year old boy I saw it…. The Nightmare Before Christmas so I’m writing about my favourite Tim Burton movies at Christmas time.

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 10.16.541. The Nightmare Before Christmas

It wouldn’t be Christmas for me without this Gothic Disney masterpiece, so that’s why it makes the top of our list. For the film itself, the viewer sees themselves drawn into the sinister yet enchanting worlds of Halloween Town and Christmas Town and our very special guy Jack Skellington. We see him grow weary of Halloween year after year so he attempts to take over Christmas with disastrous results.

This has all the darkness and twisted imaginings of a Tim Burton movie combined with the sweetness of a Disney movie. We have songs including my favourites ‘This Is Halloween’, ‘What’s This?’, ‘Sally’s Song’ and ‘Kidnap Mr Sandy Claws’ and a love story between Jack Skellington and Sally.

The visual effects for the Nightmare Before Christmas are just stunning as we flip flop between the spooky, haunted streets of Halloween Town and it’s spooky residents as well as the warm, wonderful feeling of Christmas Town.

The film has a very loyal fan following because of its wonderfully dark feeling and the fact that it’s a must see for any Tim Burton fan.

Student, Adam Bloomfield, said: “The reason I always watch the Nightmare Before Christmas at Christmas time is because it’s a film I grew up with. I fell in love with the songs, the characters, the worlds that Tim Burton worked so hard to create and I fell in love with the story between Jack and Sally. Who needs Belle and the Beast when you have those two?!”

So with its darkly comic love story feeling about finding where you truly belong the Nightmare Before Christmas will be on my T.V screen for many years to come.


2. Alice in Wonderland (2010)

Ah Alice in Wonderland, despite that fact that people often argue whether this movie is a sequel or a remake since it’s set after the events of the original movie. Set thirteen years after Alice’s first adventure in Wonderland, we see her return to the magical world she once visited as a child to find it on the brink of destruction due to the tyranny of the Red Queen and her fearsome pet the Jabberwocky.

Reuniting with her former friends: the Mad Hatter, the White Rabbit, The White Queen and many more, we see Alice facing an impossible journey before her as she struggles to piece together the memories of her past and ultimately her future.

This film comes number 2 in our list due to its ties to the original animated film and it provides a new take on the story and provides a new interesting twist on the characters; like showing Alice to be a slightly more tragic character because of the high demands of the society around her as she struggles to find her place in both her world and Wonderland.

The portrayals of the Mad Hatter and the White Queen also captured the audience’s interest. More layers were added to the Hatter with one side showing the whimsical and eccentric side we know and yet there’s a darker more complex character that’s like a time bomb waiting to go off.

Another dark fusion of Disney and Tim Burton is another captivating emotional story with a happy ending, plenty of slick special effects and a good soundtrack; featuring the likes of Avril Lavigne, All Time Low, 3OH3! and Motion City Soundtrack.


3. Corpse Bride

Another sweet, Gothic love story, but this time this it is a solo Tim Burton movie without the intervention of Disney; so all of Tim Burton’s sinister and charm bleeds throughout this movie.

Set in a sort of noir Gothic, Victorian era world we see Victor Von Dort fretting over his marriage to Victoria Everglot because of her haughty family and the pressure to get everything right in a bleak setting of Victorian London. In an attempt to perfect everything, he unwillingly finds himself betrothed to Emily the Corpse Bride, after learning the terrible fate she suffered in life Victor makes it his mission to help her.

This movie makes our number three because it’s probably the more bittersweet of the films. The characters of Victor and Emily, makes the audience believe that they belonged together.

Student, Adam Bloomfield, said: “I was totally shipping them all the way through the movie only for Victor to wind up back with Victoria and Emily ending up nothing even though she was allowed to move on to a better place. With a tear jerking ending but a sweet story and lovely characters I will always watch Corpse Bride every Christmas.”

The love triangle between the three is the main driving force behind the movie, as well as the message that love can be eternal even in death.

Visually, it’s in the same vein as the Nightmare Before Christmas with spellbinding worlds and plenty of dark yet humorous characters that inhabit the realm of the dead. The musical score by Danny Elfman adds to the magic of the movie while providing that dark yet heart-melting feel to the movie.

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