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Supergirl Overview – Episodes 4 – 6

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We continue to talk you through the latest TV series, Supergirl!

Episode 4 – Livewire

Originally, Livewire was meant to be the fifth episode of the season however, due to the attacks in Paris on November 15 episode 4 was pushed back to the following week and Livewire was shown in it’s place.

We see Kara firmly settling into her new role as Supergirl while maintaining her normal life at CatCo and with her sister. This episode also sees the introduction of Kara and Alex’s mother, Eliza Danvers, (Helen Slater) who is less than thrilled that Kara is now a superhero; leading to tension between daughters and mother but Eliza is hiding secrets of her own.

Meanwhile CatCo, shock jock Leslie Willis (Brit Morgan) takes to the air to mock Supergirl and refuses to stop, even when ordered by her former mentor Cat so she is demoted to traffic reporting as punishment. However, when a lightning storm strikes her chopper, Supergirl races to the rescue but the results leave Leslie changed forever.

After the lightning strike passes through Supergirl and into Leslie, she discovers she now possesses electricity based powers allowing her to absorb, transform into and discharge electricity from her body. Blaming Supergirl and Cat for her fate, Leslie then adopts the mantle of Livewire and goes on a murderous revenge mission.

This take on the villain is as scary as she is funny as she battles Supergirl in attempt to kill Cat. She is soon stopped when Supergirl distroys out her powers with water and is taken into the custody of the DEO. Cat’s character continues to grow as she begins to take interest in Kara, showing she is not the self absorbed airhead we’ve seen in the past and there are more layers to her than meets the eye.

Speaking of things that aren’t all they seem, in the B plot we also discover that Alex and Kara’s father Jeremiah was taken by the DEO in an attempt to keep Kara safe from them. Eliza also warns the two not to trust Hank Henshaw, believing him to be more dangerous than he’s letting on which leaves plenty of questions for the fans like; can he be trusted? Is he really who he says he is?

Winn’s pining for Kara reaches a new level when he finally kisses her but the moment is interrupted by Jimmy Olsen before it can go any further.


Episode 5 – How Does She Do It?

Yes how does Kara do it all? Save the city, train, work at CatCo and have a social life all at the same time; well in this episode it almost collapses on her.

Struggling to balance all the aspects of her life Kara is struggling which, of course, anyone can relate to when they take on too much at once. On a routine flight, Supergirl is attacked by a drone which was sent by Maxwell Lord to analyse her and her weaknesses.

Meanwhile, Cat is told she has received an award and must depart for Metropolis, leaving her son Carter in Kara’s care while she’s gone.

Kara then struggles to deal with caring for Carter, dealing with Maxwell Lord and saving the city; especially when it’s revealed that Lord dislikes Supergirl because he believes she causes more damage then she stops.

The villan of this week, Ethan Knox isn’t an alien or a meta-human but a regular guy who has been pushed to breaking point and is dealing with this by bombing National City. It’s a tragic ending when he has a change of heart and sacrifices himself to help Supergirl save a train full of innocent people from a terrible fate.

Maxwell Lord is making a name for himself as an antagonist as Kara begins to piece together his real story, and despite warnings that Supergirl will be keeping an eye on him, somehow he becomes determined to expose her true identity to the public.

There are some sweet moments as Carter reveals he has a thing for Supergirl and the love triangle between Kara, Winn and Jimmy is back on; despite Jimmy being back with Lucy Lane. It’ll be interesting to see how that one turns out.

Also Hank Henshaw has glowing red eyes, let’s see which superhero in the DC Universe do I know that has glowing red eyes.



Episode 6 – Red Faced

Anger and the colour red seem to be the main themes of this episode.

The pressure on Kara continues to grow as she’s learning the hard way that she can’t always be Supergirl. While attempting to stop a road rage incident, Kara gives into her own rage and accidentally breaks the arm of a man attempting to attack her.

Lucy Lane (Jenna Dewan-Tatum) continues to make her presence known to Kara, bringing in her father General Sam Lane to test Supergirl’s powers as part of a Government initiative. Meanwhile, Cat is facing problems of her own when her cold-hearted mother decides to stop by for a visit and wastes no time in belittling her daughter’s accomplishments. All the while Alex requests Winn’s help by hacking into the DEO mainframe to find out what happened to her father.

The new initiative dubbed Red Tornado, an andriod with super strength, flight and the ability, to manipulate the wind and air is presented to Kara which pushes her to breaking point during a combat session. Ending with Kara once again giving into her anger and Red Tornado going rogue on the city.

Tensions eventually reach boiling point when Kara finally snaps and takes her anger out on Cat which surprisingly impresses her boss and tells Kara to find out who she is most angry at. This is one of the only times where Ms Grant has shown any compassion to her long suffering assistant.

Supergirl and Red Tornado fight it out once again after attempts to attack the Lane family, but using it’s wind powers, Red Tornado creates a powerful whirlwind, escaping while Supergirl stops the storm dead in its tracks. Maxwell Lord surprisingly finds the solution to stopping the windy android.

After finally unleashing all the rage she had been keeping dormant for years, Supergirl is able to obliterate Red Tornado with a big blast of heat vision. Winn later discovers that Jeremiah Danvers went missing in South America after attempting to catch an alien. Hank Henshaw was the only survivor and has been removing data on Alex and Kara’s father for years.

The episode ends with Cat and Kara becoming closer while Lucy decides to stay in National City with Jimmy so that they can be together but the biggest blow at the end is…

Kara has lost her powers but will she get them back?



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