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Review: Arrow Season 4 – Episodes 7-9

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Episode 7 – Brotherhood

So as H.I.V.E continues to tighten its grip on Star City, Oliver and the others better think of something fast if they’re going stop them. To kick off, we see Diggle reveal the dark secret that H.I.V.E had his brother Andy assassinated, because it was revealed he was a drug dealer in competition with Damien Darkh, which makes Oliver even more determined to exact revenge upon the sinister group.

Cue some sharp dialogue between the members of Team Arrow and some slick martial arts fighting from Speedy, Black Canary and a suited up Oliver and Diggle. Then we get to an earth shattering revelation…. Andy Diggle is alive and an operative for H.I.V.E

What begs the question is Andy being brainwashed by Damien Darkh? Or is he working for H.I.V.E of his own accord who knows?

We also see a new development for Thea, as she is still struggling with her blood lust after being resurrected by Lazarus Pit in season 3. An encounter with Damien Darkh may leave her with a solution to her problems, so we’ll have to see how that pans out. A spectacular performance from Willa Holland who plays the tortured hero really attacks on an emotional level.

Ray Palmer, aka The Atom, provides some comic relief to break the darker emotions of the episode, as he bursts onto the scene in his turbo charged suit to help Team Arrow – it was nice to see that lovable geek back in action after his absence.

So overall a roller-coaster of emotion, darkness and betrayal – all in a day’s work for Team Arrow.

Episode 8 – Legends of Yesterday

Ah, I’ve been particularly looking forward to this one since they announced Legends of Tomorrow.

Continuing on from the first part in Central City, Barry Allen (Grant Gustin), Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker) and Cisco Ramon (Carlos Valdes) head to Star City with Kendra Saunders (Ciara Renee) and Carter Hall (Falk Hentschel) in an effort to protect them from immortal psychopath Vandal Savage (Casper Crump).

As the two continue to learn more about their past lives and their dormant powers, Oliver is struggling with the fact he has a son he knew nothing about, which raises questions such as what will Felicity say when she finds out? Or what will Oliver do now that he knows he’s a father?

The highlights of this episode for me were seeing a miniature Justice League form: consisting of Green Arrow, The Flash, Black Canary, Speedy and Diggle, as well as Kendra and Carter, embracing their comic book destinies by becoming the legendary Hawkgirl and Hawkman respectively.

The special effects were really something too, as Kendra and Carter literally and figuratively received their wings, making them seem almost angel like. But they strike me as angels you don’t want to get on the bad side of, as well as seeing Barry move at such a fast speed he is able to successfully jump back in time.

There was some brilliant mystical fighting between the lil’ Justice League and Vandal Savage, which ended with the madman meeting his end at the hands of Barry and Oliver but Malcolm Merlyn reveals he has plans for Savage or at least…what’s left of him.

So this crossover is by far definitely my favourite episode of this series so far.

Episode 9 – Dark Waters

As the name of the episode suggests, we are moving into a darker territory, as Arrow finishes up for its winter break – but we will see it back soon, thank God.

Oliver and the rest of the team in their civilian guises help to clean up Star City Bay as part of Oliver’s mayoral campaign when they are assaulted by a drone, which Oliver guesses was sent by Damien Darkh to derail their plans. That shows Oliver and co. are dealing with someone who isn’t afraid of causing collateral damage to get what he wants.

To retaliate Damien Darkh’s link with H.I.V.E is exposed to the public by Oliver which infuriates the already vengeful villain, so he decides to hit Oliver where it hurts the most: by kidnapping Diggle, Thea and Felicity from a party where Oliver was planning to propose to Miss Smoak.

We see a tender side to the two lovers here. as Oliver willingly hands himself over to H.I.V.E in an attempt to rescue his loved ones, but Damien Darkh reveals he never intended to free the prisoners and attempts to kill them all but the day is saved thanks to Laurel, who arrives in time in her Black Canary guise and Malcolm Meryln – who took the liberty of ‘borrowing’ Oliver’s Green Arrow costume.

The episode’s denouement ends with Darkh being defeated by Oliver and Malcolm but the team should know it’s hard to keep a good villain down.

A bittersweet ending follows, as Oliver finally proposes to Felicity. However, it looks like wedding plans may be on the back burner as Darkh sends H.I.V.E agents to kill Oliver and Felicity is caught in the crossfire as they escape, leaving her fate unknown.

Fans speculate and the writers tease that if Felicity does indeed survive, she may potentially take on the code-name Oracle (even though that name belongs to Barbara Gordon, aka Batgirl).

With her computer skills and hacking expertise, it would make sense to make Felicity into a new incarnation of Oracle, but we’ll have to wait until after Christmas to see if she survived.

So a good mid season finale and an epic cliffhanger leaves me waiting and hoping that Arrow will make a speedy return.



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