Top 12 Robot Wars Robots

Top 12 Robot Wars Robots

20th January 2016 Off By Sophie Dishman
Robobabes Emily Vincent and Kelly Allen with presenter Craig Charles and the house robots promoting The Robot Wars Live Event, taking place at the London Arena and at the Wembley Arena.

The Robot Wars Live Event, taking place at the London Arena and at the Wembley Arena. Picture by: Myung Jung Kim / PA Archive/PA Images

It’s been 12 years since Robot Wars was on our screens and now the battleground is back for a new series. Northern Lights have decided to compile a top 12 list of our favourite robots.

12. Behemoth – A long-serving robot in the Robot Wars show. He was a tiger striped bulldozer that had the ability to scoop up his opponents.

11. Atomic – Another classic scooper! Atomic was a yellow and red coloured trapezoid-shaped robot. He was a competitor in series 4, 5 and 7.

10. Sir Killalot –  This mammoth monster proved the past doesn’t affect performance. He was a house robot designed to look like a knight. He was armed with a rotating drill and a hydraulic cutting claw. He wasn’t one to mess with!

9. The General – He was a Welsh robot which competed solely in the football tournament in Series 3.

8. Wheely Big Cheese – The robot that looked like a bit of cheese. Who can forget that? He had one of the largest flippers seen on the show and he was a long robot too with a length of nearly a metre and a half.

7. Sergeant Bash – Another one of the four house-bots. He was designed to look like a military vehicle with green army colours and flamethrower turret weapon. His design changed in different series but he was one of the first robots on the battleground back in Series 1.

6. Dead Metal – Dead Metal was also a house-bot. He simply looked like a junkyard scorpion with a claw at the front and a saw on his head.

5. Tornado –  He was a basic box-shaped robot with a steel frame and armour with fixed spikes at the front and back. Even though he looked harmless, he most certainly wasn’t. He was small but mighty.

4. Matilda – A female house-bot also known as “Tildy”. She was based on a mutant alien dinosaur; equipped with flipping tusks and interchangeable chainsaw or flywheel weapons at the rear.

3. Storm 2 – A fast box robot. Need we say anymore?

2. Razer – A robot constructed with steel and aluminium. Statistically, he’s the best robot in the show’s history.

1. Chaos 2 – The robot never changed in appearance; a small, black wedged robot with armour. He was often considered a role model for any designs featuring flippers and even a role model for Robot Wars.

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