Film Review: Creed

21st January 2016 Off By Amie

Being a huge fan of all of the Rocky movies, I was thrilled to say the least when I found out Creed was coming out in January 2016.

The movie includes the original and amazing Sylvester Stallone playing Rocky Balboa. Although in this he definitely shows his age – but is still as good looking as ever!

The story is continuing from the character Apollo Creed, who is killed in the ring in the 4th movie. Hiding his identity, Adonis Johnson (played by Michael B. Jordan) is actually Creed’s son. It’s mentioned in the movie that Adonis was actually the product of an affair between Creed and a woman.

Adonis didn’t like to use Creed as his surname as he wanted to be successful off his own back and not because of his Father’s legacy.

As he is also interested in the boxing world, Adonis leaves his home and moves to Philadelphia to find the ex-boxer Rocky Balboa.

After finding Rocky in his restaurant Adrian’s and explaining who he is, he persuades the legend to be his mentor, bribing him with the “we’re practically family’ argument.

With the world recognising Rocky, many boxers step up wanting to fight Johnson and after winning his first official fight – his name is released to the press by the apposition boxers mentor.

Suddenly he is seen as Creed, Apollo’s son – which is what Johnson didn’t want.

Like any movie, Adonis finds love with a girl in his block of flats who is a singer/performer, but drastic happens and Rocky falls seriously ill – You’ll have to watch to find out!

I won’t say anymore about the plot of the story but let’s just say I cried at least four times – and not just because of the events in the movie, I cried a lot reminiscing about the previous movies and the really strong links between the Rocky movies and Creed – including Rocky going to visit his deceased wife Adrian and brother-in-law Paulie.

It’s such an amazing movie, I watched it in the cinema and I was so tempted to stand up and shout at the boxing scenes so much!

If you enjoyed the Rocky movies you’d definitely fall in love with Creed – so let’s hope there is going to be a Creed 2 – including the Legend Stallone.

Movie is out in cinemas now.