Review: Shadowhunters, Dead Man’s Party

29th January 2016 Off By Adam Bloomfield

Episode 3 – Dead Man’s Party

Continuing on from last week’s cliffhanger, Simon had been captured by a gang of vampires in exchange for the Mortal Cup, so now it’s up to Clary and the others to rescue him before he suffers a terrible fate.

The episode kicks off with the gang returning to the Institute to draw up a battle plan before the vamps can sink their fangs into Simon, and with Clary in full panic mode, they’re going to have to think of something and fast.

The team then heads to a graveyard to arm themselves from an ancient tomb, and Jace decides to teach Clary how to fight using an angel sword, while Alec heads off to retrieve his bow and arrows.

Meanwhile Isabelle heads off to see the seelie Meliorn (Jade Hassoune). Normally seelie is a classification of fairy, but these very beings are the Shadow World offspring of demons and angels.

Beautiful, deceptive and unable to lie. Isabelle seduces Meliorn in a steamy scene so that she can get information on the vampire’s home base, the Hotel DuMont.

Simon, however, is being held prisoner by two of the vampire leaders, Raphael Santiago (David Castro) and Camille Belcourt (Kaitlyn Leeb). While Raphael has an intense dislike of Simon, Camille is drawn to his ‘charms’ and sees the potential in Simon is putting him in a trance, ┬áso she sets to work seducing him feeding him plenty of Bloody Mary’s.

Oh Simon….

After retrieving the right information and weapons Clary and the others mount a rescue mission, where the powers of vampires is brought to life, entrancing, superhuman speed and strength and their weakness to sunlight. Jace also reveals that to turn a human into a vampire, they must be fed vampire blood.

Simon and Camille are getting passionate as she questions him about the Mortal Cup, but Simon reveals Clary had her memories removed by a spell which Camille guesses to be the work of Magnus Bane, hinting those two have a past.

Camille escapes after the Shadowhunters storm the hotel and retrieve Simon, but something doesn’t seem to be right as Simon seems to notice the vein in Clary’s neck pulsing at him….uh oh.

While this episode was focused on the rescue of Simon, I learnt more about the Shadowhunter life, especially parabatai, which Alec and Jace are. Parabatai means two Shadowhunters that are bound together and fight as one, but the tensions between the two bubble through the episode, as Alec continues to distrust Clary, while Jace is falling in love with her.

Episode 3 also had plenty of supernatural combat from the Lightwood siblings using whips and arrows.

Simon tried his hand at fighting when he tries to escape but Clary’s little ‘mundie’ didn’t stand a chance against one of the Night Children.

So with Simon possibly being turned into a vampire, and the chase for the Mortal Cup still ongoing, I’ll definitely be logging onto Netflix next week for episode 4.