The Lumineers – Ophelia – back after two years

13th February 2016 Off By Michael Cross

New album, a world tour and brand-spanking new single, Ophelia. The Lumineers are back after two years.

Ophelia takes on a honky tonk beat, with its quick paced piano and rhythmic drum and tambourine beat echoing throughout the new track from the up and coming and album, Cleopatra out April 8.

The trio of childhood friends Wesley and Jeremiah moved from New Jersey to Denver, Colorado and placed an ad for a Cellist, enter final member Neyla. From there the trio have gone on to support The Civil Wars and Mumford & Sons.

The latest track is equally as audience pleasing with its catchy chorus and is on par with previous single Hey Ho and album track Classy Girls.

Cleopatra is the difficult second album, but if the other 10 tracks of the album are as strong as Ophelia, then it’s going to be one hell of a front-porch folk LP.