Shadowhunters: Review

18th February 2016 Off By Adam Bloomfield

Episode 6 – Of Men and Angels

Clary, Jace and Simon managed to get Luke to Magnus for treatment, but the flamboyant warlock didn’t have the ingredients necessary for an antidote so Jace and Simon head off to recover the ingredients while Clary stays behind to look after Luke.

Meanwhile back at the Institute, Isabelle continues to butt heads with her mother Maryse over Isabelle’s life choices. However, she gets a welcome relief when her father Robert (Paulino Nunes) and little brother Max (Jack Fulton) arrive back from the Shadowhunter homeland, Idris. There is conflict between Robert and Maryse which Isabelle picks up on, a literal clash of fire and ice.

Back at Magnus’s lair Clary is given the full history of her mother and Luke’s involvement with Valentine…

Before Clary was born, Luke and Valentine were best friends and parabatai and Valentine and Jocelyn were happily married, but Valentine became obsessed with exterminating the Downworlders because of their half human nature; and the fact that they were more powerful beings than he was. Luke and Valentine battled while Jocelyn escaped and hid away the Mortal Cup before Valentine could use it to make an unstoppable army of supernatural beings.

Maryse continues to show a cold front to her daughter and warns her they were once the same; rebellious and thinking they could change the world then instructs her to mend the Clave’s broken bond with the Seelie people.

Alec also finds out his parents are planning to marry him off to restore the Lightwood family name, so in a rage Alec storms off to help Magnus.

While Magnus is healing Luke and running low on energy, Alec arrives and lends his Shadowhunter strength to the warlock, sharing a tender moment with him when he takes Magnus’s hand for support. It’s a sweet turning moment for the two of them as Alec is slowly showing signs of having the same affection for Magnus as the two share drinks later.

Thanks to Jace and Simon; Clary is able to complete the antidote and save Luke from dying but later on he reveals a secret Clary didn’t know….Clary has a brother named Jonathan Christopher. Meanwhile Simon departs once again when he realises Clary will never love him the way she loves Jace.

At the end of the episode Clary discovers she has an unusual ability, she can turn objects into sketches then she realises where the Mortal Cup is hidden. Isabelle also seems to be effected by her mother’s stern words by dressing in a colder manner, similar to her mother.

With Malec (Magnus and Alec’s) relationship slowly getting off the ground and the chase for the Mortal Cup heating up I’ll be waiting patiently for episode 7 – Major Arcana