Game Review: Rocket League

3rd March 2016 Off By Northern Lights

Rocket League is essentially a car football game that features a futuristic theme to both the cars and stadiums where just like in football the team with the most goals scored wins.

Released in 2015, it has just recently been added to Xbox One consoles, which now brings it to almost every gaming platform.

Rocket League is very intense and fast paced at times which is due to the brilliant physics system created for Rocket League. The futuristic boost fuelled cars enable you to drive almost everywhere inside of the stadium to get to the ball. The cars can jump and somersault to hit the ball, but beware, the ball can’t go out of bounds as every arena includes a force field/walls and roof.

The game is very vibrant in colour and style which links into the huge options of customising the vehicles into what you would like. The customising includes different paint colours and designs, flags, hats, wheels, boost visuals and finally the cars themselves. These are all unlocked as you play games.

The game modes in Rocket League are season, split screen and of course online multiplayer. The season mode is just like a league in football where you compete against AI (artificial intelligence) and compete for the title. Split screen is local multiplayer on your own TV and finally online multiplayer which all include 1v1 2v2 3v3 and 4v4 player modes.

For most people who play Rocket League it is a very addicting with the constant un-lockable items, new content (DLC) and all the statistics and leader boards to keep challenging yourself and friends.

My experience from playing Rocket League has been an enthralling one, with friends it is one of the best multiplayer experiences that is around at the moment if you are into a fast paced action packed sports game.

Rocket League is a must try for anyone that has not already played it, the only downside to this is that the online servers can sometimes be somewhat unreliable when playing online games making it annoying at times.

Overall there could be more content like arenas but it’s a big possibility they will bring out lots of downloadable content, I will give Rocket League an impressive 8.7/10.

Words by: Eamon Richards