Shadowhunters: Review

7th March 2016 Off By Adam Bloomfield


Episode 8 – Bad Blood

As the series sadly draws towards its climax, things are picking up for the Shadowhunters now that they have bonded a little more but there are still the romantic entanglements that are threatening to pull them even further apart.

Simon and Alec take a more central role in this episode after being on the back burner for a little while but it’s nice to see the two of them get their turn in the spotlight. Simon loses his humanity after weeks of foreshadowing and teasing of his fate from the books so maybe the lovable, lovelorn geek we’ve seen over the past few weeks will become a badass.

Alec continues to deal with the never ending pressure of honour and duty from his demanding parents who insist he and Isabelle restore the Lightwood name, the dislike he still has of Clary, his secret love for Jace and the budding romance he has with Magnus Bane. Sooner or later Alec is going to buckle under all the pressure and do something he’ll most likely end up regretting.

Valentine still holds Jocelyn’s sleeping form captive as he reminisces about their marriage and the birth of Clary in his own twisted way. It shows the lengths Valentine will go to get what he wants so he sends some of his minions, the Forsaken to retrieve the Mortal Cup. Forsaken are humans that have been driven insane after being given the blood of supernatural beings.

Meanwhile a new character arrives on the scene in the form of Lydia Branwell (Stephanie Bennett) a tough as nails, no nonsense Shadowhunter who is set to cause a bit of a stir at the New York Institute. I can already see her and Isabelle butting heads but time will tell whether or not the claws come out.

A bit more depth is added to the mythology of show as we learn more about vampire lore. Since Simon had vampire blood in him, Clary discovers that she can either let Simon become a vampire by burying him or she can stake him through the heart and kill her best friend, if she chooses neither then Simon’s soul will be stuck for all of eternity.

At the end of the episode we see Simon in a new light and Alec wandering down a path that’s bound to blow up in his face. Valentine is making his move for the Mortal Cup; it would seem the darkness is about to wreck the world Clary has only just found herself in.

Coming next week is episode 9 – Rise Up