Review: Shadowhunters

17th March 2016 Off By Adam Bloomfield

Episode 10 – This World Inverted

Just three more episodes left before the big finale, so let’s crack on with this episode. After rescuing Meliorn from a grim fate, he brings Clary and Jace to the Seelie Forest. The visuals for the enchanted realm are breathtaking and visually stunning, as it reminds me of a forest I used to read about in fairytales; full of glowing sprites, trees and the air of mysticism about it which makes for a wonderful addition.

Clary learns to find her mother she must pass through another dimension and find the portal on the other side, but the longer she stays in that paralell world, the more she will become bonded with it, so Clary dives in and sees several things are different; Jocelyn and Valentine are still together, Magnus Bane is a normal fortune teller, Simon and Isabelle are dating, and Alec is openly gay – ┬áplus the Shadowhunters are no longer needed since demons are dead.

Back in the real world Isabelle is arrested for helping Meliorn escape and Alec goes frantic with worry. The Isabelle who was as cold as her mother did not really suit the character, so it’s great to see her finally sticking it to the man and doing what she thinks is right while Alec continues to play the good boy. While all this is happening Simon and Luke raise a little mischief in the police force as they attempt to get Internal Affairs off Luke’s back.

Later Clary discovers the doorway to her mother is located at the Institute but first she’ll have to recruit Magnus and a jealous parallel Jace for the job. I like how the characters are reversed in this world. For example, in World 1 Isabelle is rebellious and glamorous, while in World 2 she’s geeky and shy.

Alec and Magnus are reversed too with Alec pursuing Magnus while Magnus resists his charms, Alec even quotes something Magnus said on their world: ‘Playing hard to get, I love a challenge’. World 2 Simon is way more confident and sure of himself than World 1, so it was interesting and funny to see them on another world.

The characters and plot have come a long way since the pilot as the world they now know has changed and where people are hurt and betrayed, it can be hard to know who to trust in this world as bonds are broken and love begins to blossom. In the end a shocking secret is discovered by Clary and Jace as Isabelle and Alec worry about the fate that awaits her, if she’s found guilty of the crimes she’s been charged with. I’m rooting for you Isabelle and Alec, for crying out loud, do the right thing man!

And for all the Shadowhunter fans out there, good news its been renewed for a second season!

Coming next week is episode 11 – Blood Calls to Blood