Wallsend Boys singing up a storm

18th March 2016 Off By Daniel Fowler

The Wallsend Boys Football Club, in association with Newcastle organisation Arts of Partnership, are releasing a song for their 50th anniversary in football.

The song, which will be launched at Newcastle College on April 22, is called Be A Part Of It and lists the names of players who have gone on to represent their country but started off at Wallsend. 

The glittering list of talents to have come from Wallsend include Newcastle United legend Alan Shearer and current Premier League duo Frazer Forster and Michael Carrick.

All of the current age groups at Wallsend have joined in with the song and they have been helped with vocals by students of Newcastle College. 

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Head of Arts in Partnership, Craig Duggan, said: “It’s absolutely essential that as an organisation, and the college attached to it, there are these sort of projects,”

“It’s not just exclusive to the community of Wallsend but it’s exclusive to all communities across the region especially in relation to creative subjects and industries.

“For us (Arts in Partnership), it’s been a really worthwhile, inspiring and humbling experience to see these young football players who have such big hopes and aspirations of being the next Shearer, to actually come into the recording studio and sing his name.”

Arts in Partnership focus on working with schools and community groups to make creative projects such as this with Wallsend Boys.

Duggan talked about the pride that Wallsend have of their “prestigious catalogue of former players who have actually gone on to represent their country and local teams as well.”

He also mentioned the fact that those ex-Wallsend players keep their community in mind, too: “I think when you speak to a Peter Beardsley or an Alan Shearer, or any former footballer from whichever club they trained at, they really do believe in the need to maintain those links and to pay back to the football community.”

Talking about the goals and aims of the partnership, Duggan added: “It was just about bringing people together, communities together, organisations together, and allowing their young people to experience a high quality creative experience,”

“Second to that is obviously the celebration for Wallsend Boys Club. There would have been no point in doing this project if Wallsend Boys weren’t happy with the actual overall song.

“In terms of dream aims from this project, I’d probably say that it inspires other sporting young people to branch out and taste the creative industries and get involved in creative projects and actually see that from disciplines that are, from the outside, so very different that there is a lot of transferable skills between the sporting and creative industry worlds.

“So hopefully we have inspired not just the next generation of footballing superstars, but the next generation of musical superstars in this particular case.”