Jordan Davidson

Screen Demons to host a cult film festival this December

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Kick off your festive celebrations with a somewhat unconventional film festival and party over at the Tyneside Cinema on December 9.

The event, which is a collaboration between Screen Demons and Arrow Video, will feature screenings of the cult Christmas classic ‘Christmas Evil’.
Also known as ‘You’d Better Watch Out’ and ‘Terror In Toyland’, this movie received a significant cult gathering in the 1980s.

As a hugely influential forerunner of the ‘Post-Halloween Slasher’ movement, Christmas evil promises a rather unusual but enjoyable mix of festivity, absurdity and gory fun.
In addition to the film screening the Tyneside is also hosting a party for its budding film goers.

This includes an optional, but no doubt popular, fancy dress with a horror meets Xmas theme as well as a series of competitions and quizzes to keep the celebration flowing.

Tickets are on sale now, at the Tyneside Cinema website