Iron Fist Preview

Iron Fist Preview

5th December 2016 Off By Eamon Richards

Iron Fist is the latest addition to the Marvel Universe with it arriving to Netflix as a TV series and a new part of the setting of Hell’s Kitchen, which is Manhattan, New York, where the Marvel series Jessica Jones and Luke Cage are based, so there’s a high chance that Iron Fist may run into them during the first season.

Iron Fist is a man called Daniel Rand, played by Finn Jones, which people may know from Game of Thrones as he played Sir Loras Tyrell.

Daniel is a billionaire and has exceptional martial arts ability that comes with him being blessed with the Iron Fist that will undoubtedly show the origins of his abilities in the first episodes of the series.

Danny as he is known has been missing for years from the USA and in the trailer shows he is training with shaolin monks; he has a mind set of discovering his family’s legacy and past. This leads into him being involved in fighting against particular criminal activity, which is having a big impact on the world around him.

Although we wait on there being more information and trailers released the latest shows mainly just Danny himself and what powers he is capable of. He does not wear any special costumes, which is the same as Jessica Jones and Luke Cage.



Other roles have been confirmed like Jessica Henwick (Nymeria Sand in Game of Thrones) who plays Colleen Wing who is a main ally of Danny’s and owns her own dojo. One of the main antagonists of the series is Harold Meacham (played by David Wenham) a barbarous corporate leader that was partners with Daniel’s mother and father at the time of their deaths.

Iron Fist is scheduled for March 2017 and will have 13 episodes in it’s first season. Fans of Marvel and Netflix in general should definitely give Iron Fist a try or if not watch Jessica Jones and then Luke Cage before watching Iron Fist as they will indefinitely have some appearance or impact as they are all set in Hell’s Kitchen or if not may be featured as smaller roles in the next Avengers film Infinity War.