Top 15 Cryokinetics (Part 1)

Top 15 Cryokinetics (Part 1)

21st December 2016 Off By Paul Farrell

Ice is a popular power in fictional media and here are the top 15 Cryokinetics or Ice Wielders

Ice, the element of detachment, the most cruel and unforgiving of earth’s natural elements, bringing all development in nature to a standstill,

Ice is a pretty common ability in fictional media, nearly everywhere you turn there are characters often shooting Ice out of their hands, or freezing water underneath their feet, it’s a very well developed power, and here are 15 of some of the best practitioners of this element


15. Cyril – Legend of Spyro Series

Cyril is one of four dragon masters to survive the assault on the dragon temple, a pure ice dragon unlike Spyro, Cyril serves alongside Terrador, Ignitus and Volteer, after being captured and held at tall plains, Cyril teaches Spyro the ways of the Ice Element, however he’s lower on the list as we never see him use his powers

14. Zenia Valov/Almacia – Arcana Heart series

A slightly obscure entry, Zenia Valov was born in Moscow Russia and was orphaned at an early age, she was then adopted by the Moscow Spirtual Police that investigate supernatural phenomena, but after the organization started to turn bad she became a mercenary, Almacia is an arcana meaning its a spirit with an element, in this case Almacia takes on the form of a penguin and uses ice, the two are a pretty good team, Zenia fights with a boxing style and her main weapon is a gauntlet style battering ram which can be concealed in a violin case, most of the ice attacks come from Almacia but Almacia like other arcana needs a physical host to transmit the ice attacks which is why the pair are lower on the list, that and Zenia is a tad cold on the personality front

13. Bobby Drake/Iceman – X-Men

A classic ice based superhero, Bobby Drake first discovered his powers after freezing his family’s pool and a bully on accident, he was arrested for the latter but was broken out of prison by both Cyclops and Professor X, with the ability to cool the hydrogen and oxygen in the air to form ice and create ice cold enough to freeze missiles, Iceman became a huge asset to the X-men. however he’s lower on the list due to my lack of experience with the character.

12. Cryo Legionnaire – Command and Conquer Red Alert Uprising

A new breed of ice soldier available to the allies post war of three powers, The Cryo Legionnaires are the bigger brothers to the Allied Peacekeeper infantry, armed with cryo weaponry capable of freezing nearly anything, originally designed for riot control the cryo legionaries proved more useful against remnants of both the soviet union and the empire of the rising sun, the cryo legionnaires also posses a jet pack for a super powered slam attack and can freeze the water beneath their feet to walk on water, they can make a good counter to most infantry and some vehicles and when paired with a Multi-gunner, Aircraft though they are expensive and are vunerable to magnetic weapons.

11. Gray Fullbuster – Fairy Tail

Ending off part 1 is the first Anime character on the list, Gray Fullbuster of the Fairy Tail Wizards Guild, originally born in a small village in the north, Gray’s village was wiped out after a demon leveled the place, afterwards he was trained in the usage of Icemake magic and eventually joined the Fairy Tail Guild where he became apart of a team consisting of himself, Close friend and future guildmaster Erza Scarlet, a fire dragon slayer, Natsu Dragneel and rookie celestial wizard Lucy Heartfilla, true to his magic name, Icemake allows Gray to create objects out of ice, including weapons, such as a sword an axe a hammer and even a shield, and even then his personality is more the opposite, more fire than ice, however i’m still getting into the series so Gray narrowly missed out on the top 10

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