“Middle Earth” to be conquered by Gateshead man for charity

“Middle Earth” to be conquered by Gateshead man for charity

13th January 2016 Off By Jordan Davidson
Picture: screen grab.

Picture: screen grab.

Paul Barclay, a brave warrior from Gateshead, has took it upon himself to take part in a “Middle Earth (film) Marathon” in the name of charity.

During the movie marathon, the 29-year-old University of Sunderland student will watch all three Hobbit movies, followed by the three Lord Of The Rings in one sitting, and the feat will likely take him around 24 hours.

Currently Paul has raised £145, surpassing his £100 target, for Marie Curie.

When asked why he chose Marie Curie, he said: “I saw the good work they had done.

“My wife Katy’s mother, Ann, was in the Newcastle hospice back in 2012 while she suffered with terminal cancer. The entire time she was there, from when she arrived till the day she passed, she and all of us received wonderful care and support from the staff.”

Despite realising the task ahead of him, Paul remains enthusiastic and said: “I think it will be a challenge.

“I’ve done a few film marathons before, and I always struggle towards the end, but I have never done one like this. Including breaks that I’m giving myself, its going to be nearly 24 hours. But I’m determined to do it.”

Help the cause by visiting Paul’s JustGiving page here.

Good luck from the SR News team!