10 Valentine’s Day gifts for special someone from Newcastle Biscuit Factory

10 Valentine’s Day gifts for special someone from Newcastle Biscuit Factory

12th February 2016 Off By Gemma Hirst

In case you have forgotten, it is Valentine’s Day on Sunday, and if you have still not bought that special someone a little something to say I Love You then fear not, for SR News have the perfect gift ideas for you!

We have searched high and low to find the 10 perfect Valentine gifts to give to someone you love. And The Biscuit Factory in Newcastle have some great little gift ideas.

1. Ring a ding

Perhaps you have been saving up all your pennies for something a little more special than chocolates and want to give your other half a lovely piece of jewellery. Then why not give them the Moonlight Stacking Ring, costing £70. Maybe not wedding ring material, but this beautiful ring will defiantly say I Love You and keep the relationship interesting.

Moonlight Stacking Ring - Silver and Labradorite - £70_970933350

2.   What girl doesn’t love jewellery?

If she has her ears pierced then why not get her some new ear rings? The Biscuit Factory have some stylish silver and pyrite Round Studs by Artist, Abby Filer.

round studs - silver and pyrite - £44_1903081751

3. More of a foodie?

Everyone likes a good meal, so why not try the afternoon tea at The Biscuit Factory Kitchen?

There is a more cultured version of the traditional afternoon tea, and what better than sitting in the beautiful surroundings of the gallery drinking tea and eating some tasty cakes.

4.  From rings and ear rings to necklaces.

This Orange Multiple Fold Necklace is by Emily Kidson. It is a statement piece, perfect for that someone who likes to make an effort with their fashion choices. A very bright piece, and the little bows on look like they have fallen onto the necklace.

emily kidson orange multiple fold necklace laminated wood, silver and oxidised silver £165_121481477

6. If you have bought some flowers for her, you may want to add a glass vase to put them in?

The Biscuit Factory sell small glass bowls made by the National Glass Centre – all different shapes, sizes and colours – which will be perfect with a bunch of roses.

1 edited_845987357

7. As the weather gets a little cooler, your partner will need a little something to make them feel warmer when you are not around.

The Biscuit Factory are selling a cute silk Space Glyphs Scarf from the Craft Scotland Collection.

5.Fiona McIntosh-Space Glyphs Silk Jersey Slinky-2015-Silk Jersey-13x130-Alistair Clark £52_888636002

8. Maybe you have just moved house and want to buy a present for the house that you know your valentine will love?

Simon Conolly creates sculptures in fired stoneware clay. His work is inspired by personal observation, from dynamics of creatures to the British countryside.

How romantic would it be if you could buy a piece for the house that reminds you of your time together?

An Ascent of Doves, 61cmx33cm, 480_420190312

9. How about a painting from a Northumberland artist Sue Fenlon?

Her paintings are taken from the moorlands and coastal pathways in Northumberland and are so picturesque that it could give you the feeling that you are on a romantic walk on the beach, enjoying the beauty of the North East.

60cm x80cm Spring Shoreline Northumberland acrylic and oil pastel £650_1699537524

10. Still stuck for ideas?

Okay, if jewellery is not the right gift for your other half, then what about a gift voucher?

If you are worried about getting the wrong gift, or you are not sure what they would like, then a gift voucher might be the perfect choice.

For more information for The Biscuit Factory gift vouchers, call the gallery on 0191 2611103 or email them on art@thebiscuitfactory.com