Review: Cattle & Cane @ Think Tank

Review: Cattle & Cane @ Think Tank

13th February 2016 Off By Gemma Hirst

Cattle & Cane, Think Tank

Walking around Newcastle city centre before I go to see a gig at the Think Tank, I see buskers playing the guitar singing their hearts out. It is watching this that I realise how talented we are, when it comes to music on the North East music scene.

Linking in nicely with a band that are making their way in the world of music, and the North East, are Cattle & Cane, as they perform their latest album Home at the Think Tank.

And never has this reviewer appreciated the North East music industry before until tonight, as we see not only Cattle & Cane but the best of the up and coming musicians play for the audience. Joining them were Newcastle folk artist Jake Houlsby and pop rock artist from Liverpool, Natalie McCool.  Both are very different artists but talented in their own styles of music.

Opening the Home tour, Houlsby sets the scene for the type of music we are about to hear from that of Cattle & Cane. Just easing me into the mood for the night, he has the audience fully engaged in his performance. He is playing some rather relaxing songs with a soulful voice and a guitar in hand; his voice is like a hot cup of hot chocolate that just winds me down for the day.

From slow and soulful to edgy and punk, Natalie McCool raises the musical bar and gets the audience up and dancing at the Think Tank.

Previously hearing her on BBC Radio 1, on Huw Stephens Introducing Show, I am enjoying her live performance. Likening her to a cross between Lilly Allen and Jessie J, her music is pop rock yet her voice is soft and angelic. I particularly enjoy her new song Magnet, that defiantly attracted the attention of the North East audience.

After being entertained by two great artists, I am ready to see the band that everyone has been waiting for, Cattle & Cane. The band from Middlesbrough is made up of singers Joseph and Helen, alongside brothers Fran and Vin and family friend Tom.

Playing tracks from the new album Home, fans enjoy singing along with their songs.

Dancing is a particular favourite and gets Cattle & Cane all choked up when they hear their own songs sung back to them. There is a close following with the band, especially as they are playing in their hometown.

I have never seen such strong support for a small band that are only getting started in their music careers.