Gifts you could buy for your other half this Valentine’s Day

Gifts you could buy for your other half this Valentine’s Day

13th February 2016 Off By Sophie Dishman

It’s one of the times of the year where we employ the act of giving and give gifts to our other halves – even if it is at last minute!

Here are top 5 gifts you could buy for your other half this Valentine’s Day.

1.For the stationery lover or the writer in your life

If your other half loves stationary or is an avid writer – of anything, then why not get them something to fuel their hobby. It could be a new pen or a new notebook – we love those!

2. For the literature, magazine or newspaper lover.

A new book may be the simple answer here, but think creativity. Why not get someone a new bookmark, a book reader or a journal to write their favourite novels or quotes in or books they want to read.

There’s so many ideas other than getting a book! A book isn’t always the best bet if you aren’t sure! For magazine and newspaper lovers, why not get them a subscription to their favourite magazine or newspaper.

3. For the health and fitness fanatic.

This ebbs into the book section, but aside from the obvious – why not get them a cookbook or a smoothie book – they’re all-the-range now. Lean in 2015 is a good shout, but you’ll have to be quick as it’s flying off the shelves!

If you want to walk things up a notch then why not get them something to aid their workout? Fitbits are surprisingly popular right now.

4For the beauty lover.

Both males and females can enjoy a bit of a pampering now and then – or maybe a lot of the time. You could get your loved one a skincare set, some new makeup, a grooming set or some bath items. No, not a rubber duck!

5. For the traditionalist.

You can’t go wrong with a box of chocolates, a card or a bunch of flowers. It doesn’t have to be lavish and you don’t have to splash your cash to show you care. Even a simple message to show how much you care can do the trick!