Five must-see films set in the North East

15th February 2016 Off By
  1. Goal! (2010)

Goal is the story of a young Mexican man from a poor background, who is by chance, discovered by an ex-professional premier league footballer. Upon moving to Newcastle, he becomes accustomed to life in the Geordie city, while fighting hard for a shot as an NUFC footballer.

  1. Kes (1969)

This film is ranked seventh in the British Film Institute’s Top Ten. Bullied at home by his family and in school by his peers, Billy Casper struggles in school and is always winding up in mischief. Nothing interests him, that is until he finds solace in training a kestrel that he finds. Suddenly, with the passion that he has in falconry, Billy sees hope beyond the horizon and begins to receive praise in school, but things don’t always go to plan.

  1. School for Seduction (2004)

Starring Kelly Brook, this film is about an Italian woman who swaps Naples for Newcastle to teach a group of Geordie women how to be seductive for their partners. Her life is perfect on the surface, but is she really the right person to be seen as a role model, and is she genuinely the beautiful Italian seductress that she presents herself as or is someone else altogether?

  1. The One and Only (2002)

This romantic comedy film set in Newcastle is about two couples each trying to lead happy marriages. The misfortune comes when, after getting tied up in matters involving pregnancy and adoption, the two couples lives cross, and matters get stickier.

  1. Billy Elliot (2000)

Set in County Durham, Billy Elliot is a feel-good classic and all time favourite for many. If you haven’t seen it, it’s about a school boy, who behind his father’s back, swaps his boxing classes for something he really longs to do: ballet. His dance teacher, played by Julie Walters, trains him for the Royal Ballet School of London, but when Billy’s father finds out. He bans his son from further dance lessons.

The film is about breaking stereotypical barriers and conquering your passion.