Daredevil Returns for Season 2

24th February 2016 Off By

Daredevil returns for a second series with Matt Murdock facing new threats in the form of fan favourite the Punisher played by Jon Bernthal, who brings a hard and brutal portrayal of the legendary character.

After the death of villain Wilson Fisk in the first series, Murdock has to deal with old girlfriend Elektra Natchios and deadly villain in the Punisher who will give Murdock a run for his money.

The popular Netflix series has captioned the imagination of many fans with the portrayal of popular character Daredevil. Marvel are tying in the marvel television shows similar to the big screen counterparts.

This has been evident with a crossover between Jessica Jones and Daredevil with subtle references that link the two shows.

Daredevil is coming to Netflix on the 18th of March with 13 episodes that will see the characters grow and new threats and battles to be won.