House of Cards Season 4 Preview

25th February 2016 Off By

Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) returns as the President of the United States, with the world of politics at his disposal.  Alongside his wife, Claire, Frank will have to deal with the devious world of US politics and his own personal demons that have restricted him throughout the previous 3 seasons.

The Netflix original series will be back on the 4th of March, with little knowledge of the upcoming season, fans are expecting some political fireworks and some dark and twisted plot twists that will inevitably lead to deaths a plenty.

The recurring cast of Stamper, Danton and Durnat will join the Underwood’s in keeping or preventing them from the running the country.

The long and anticipated 4th season will hopefully grip fans and show how Frank can control the power that he has work for, for the past 3 seasons.