REVIEW: Jack Garratt – Phase

REVIEW: Jack Garratt – Phase

24th February 2016 Off By Steph Chungu


It doesn’t seem that anyone who plays alternative music can delve deeper to sub genre than Jack Garratt. Following his EP Remnants, his use of Synth brought back the dated use of sub genre and made it relevant again. With hit tracks such as “Breath Life” and “Worry”, Garratt is sure to grip listeners with his harsh words and dream like melodies.

“Phase” carries on Garratt’s mission, with an exploration to the various phases he has accustomed in his life, and writing it on paper. It is a strong debut that attracts the furthest of listeners to hear his story. One highlight, “Weathered” explores the thought of ageing and never wanting to lose his memories. Isn’t that what we all crave? Not forgetting who we are when we are done with the world? Garratt explores that subject perfectly. A favourite would be “The Love You Given” – interpreted as a love ballad that reflects, basically, everyone in their life, whether you admit it or not.

All in all, this is a strong debut from the BRITs Critics Choice Winner, and with a UK tour ambling on the way, and with a few festival appearances this summer, there is nothing Jack Garratt can touch and will not be affected.