Preview: The Forest

26th February 2016 Off By Daniela Ralu Nastase


All Games of Thrones fans are lured to see this horror movie which has┬áNatalie Dormer as the main character (Sara/Jess Price) – twins hoping to reconnect with each other despite the supernatural side of the movie.

The action is built around Aokigahara – a real forest known as the Suicide Forest that lies at Mount Fuji, in Japan. Sara is going there in an attempt to save her missing twin sister, sensing she is in danger.

Through this movie, fans are hoping to see Natalie Dormer showcasing her range in a dual role, in awaiting of the season six of Games of Thrones airing on April 24th.

You can see The Forest from February 26 at Empire Sunder land and Newcastle and in Cineworld Boldon.