Shadowhunters: Review

26th February 2016 Off By Adam Bloomfield

Episode 7 – Major Arcana

The race for the Mortal Cup is heating up fast as Clary is able to piece together where her mother had hidden the relic the whole of the Shadow World is trying to find.

With some help from Jace and the newly recovered Luke; Clary races off to find the location of the Mortal Cup before the Circle can get their hands on it. The budding love between Clary and Jace seems to be getting stronger with each passing episode as they are starting to give into their mutual attraction to each other.

But what about poor Simon; why does he never get the girl? Well mainly because he doesn’t have Shadowhunter powers or the blonde hair and handsome features Jace has but Simon seems to be developing on his own. Although, I highly doubt him slowly turning into a vampire will win Clary’s affections as he is tormented by visions of Camille which is worrying his family.

The Lightwood siblings continue to grow as well, mainly Isabelle. Her most prominent scene in this episode is seeing her pack up all her flashy and revealing dresses and ending her relationship with her Seelie beau. It’s like she’s making the transition from rebellious, free spirited warrior to cold and all business like. Well like mother like daughter, hopefully we’ll see Isabelle’s rebellious streak return soon.

Alec takes more of a back seat in this episode as he continues to deal with his responsibilities as one of the Shadowhunters, the jealousy he feels towards Clary and Jace and the secret growing affection he has for Magnus. Sooner or later, the young Nephilim will snap if the pressure keeps up but his family seem too wrapped up in their own problems, so it’ll be interesting to see how Alec handles everything; especially his secret affection for a certain 400 year old warlock.

There isn’t a sight of Magnus, Valentine or Jocelyn in this episode which was a little disappointing so hopefully they’ll back in next week’s episode.

The characters all seem to be developing slowly but surely as the plot thickens; Clary and Jace are falling in love, Simon is struggling with himself, Alec and Isabelle are dealing with family and Shadowhunter issues not to mention trying to handle themselves. Typical teenage drama with love, family, acceptance and making the right choices.

As the story is steadily reaching its climax for the first season, there’s still so much that needs to be done and so much that needs to be said between the core circle of characters as love and drama is slowly beginning to pull them apart.

Plenty of development in the characters and story makes this one of my favourite episodes of the series.

Coming next week is episode 8 – Bad Blood