Review: Sam Dickinson @ Alphabetti Theatre

Review: Sam Dickinson @ Alphabetti Theatre

5th March 2016 Off By Gemma Hirst
Photo by Gemma Hirst

Sam Dickinson at Alphabetti Theatre

Never have I seen an artist make a come back like Sam Dickinson has tonight (March 4).

He has been away from the North East music scene for a while now but at the Alphabetti Theatre (think underground fringe theatre) in Newcastle, Sam certainly had a lot to shout about.

Having seen his live performances before, I think this is his best gig yet.  His voice and his soul band are on top form as they play some oldies such as The Stories That Occurred  and How it Used to Be and some new songs like Lost And Found  and Change The World.

Sam Dickinson  surprises the North East audience with a romantic rendition of a beautiful love song. Change The World is more of lovey-dovey track, a dedication to his sister getting married. A little different to what we are used to hearing,  he usually has a go at someone that has peeved him off. I find myself laughing to a song he has written about someone calling him names after reading about him in a magazine, I adore his witty humour and attitude to life; if you peeve Sam off then he will most likely turn it around and make a song about you.

It’s not just the band that can put on a show, Sam can belt out a song when he wants to with such a powerful voice – his vocal range is only something that you can truly appreciate if experiencing his live performances.

I enjoy the soul and funk vibes that Sam brings to the musical table and perhaps the North East music industry needs more of it, as he certainly gets everyone in the theatre up and dancing; shapes are definitely thrown when Sam is around. Not usually a fan of the MoTown genre, Sam puts his modern spin on soul music and makes it fresh and appealing to the modern ear.

Closing the gig with some 80’s classics and his track When You Left Me, which is quite apt – though I hope I don’t have to wait too long until I hear Sam Dickinson with some new releases.