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Fun, food and games as Enterprise Society host Charity Gaming Tournament

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Participants in the Gaming Tournament at Holy Smokes, Feb 29

Participants in the Gaming Tournament at Holy Smokes, Feb 29

The Enterprise Society hosted a Gaming Tournament as a student charity event at Holy Smokes on Feb 29.

Popular titles such as Call of Duty 4, FIFA 2015, and even Mario kart were featured on the night.

Many gamers gathered to test their skills and pit themselves against one another, with winners going back home with a prize of an original title of their choice.

The players were even treated to hearty helping of meat dishes and hot sauces, cutesy of Holy Smokes.

Platter of Holy Smokes' food, at Game Tournament, Feb 29

Platter of Holy Smokes’ food, at Game Tournament, Feb 29

The event is part of a month-long ongoing project by the society called Micro-Tyco, an initiate by an organisation known as Wild Hearts, in which they help raise money for women in Africa to grow their own sustainable businesses and support their families.

The project was to use £1 to start a business in order generate revenue with everything going to charity.

The initiative was ongoing throughout the month of February, in which members of the society would carry out multiple projects to raise money with the games tournament serving as their last event.

President of the Enterprise Society Laura Pritchard said: “I’m pleased to see how working on this project has helped our society grow. I am looking forward to seeing what else we can achieve as a society this year.”

Member of the Enterprise Society Gideon Lim said: “I’m glad to be a part of this life changing project. It’s amazing to know that with £1, you can make a huge impact.”

Altogether, the society successfully generated over £300, with the games tournament making up almost a third of the total.