House of Cards Season 4 Episode 1

7th March 2016 Off By

The Netflix original series returns for a political drama that will shock and excite you all at the same time.

Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) returns as the President of the United States who has to deal with the separation with his wife, Claire Underwood (Robin Wright). Frank Underwood needs to cope with outside pressure from the Russian Prime Minister Viktor Petrov (Lars Mikkelsen) who clashes with Frank and his political actions.

Claire has to deal with family pressures as well as political pressures. In the episode, she has to deal with her ill mother and the complications that it brings. Frank is still campaigning to gain votes for him to stay as President for a second term.

The first episode has to deal with the implications of the fallout between the President and the First Lady and how they have to keep the perception of a happy marriage for the press and the general public.

Season 4 shows a darker time for the characters and a time for change in American politics, Frank Underwood still shows his ruthless side and his willingness to win at all cost. Season 4 expands the evolution of Frank’s character and the way he handles pressures in house and abroad.

The Underwood campaign continues to thrive as more and more support continues too to flood in but with an air of difficulty with the President leading his campaign without his first lady alongside him.

Claire Underwood, brilliantly played by Robin Wright, shows a hard and stubborn woman who won’t back down from a fight. Claire has to deal with a conflict with her mother, who she finds out is sick, Claire travels to Texas to meet her mother and try and repair their relationship.

Frank uses the trip to Texas to try and gain votes, but the separation from his wife is a dark cloud over his campaign and he seems to see her everywhere. Their relationship is cold and without remorse. A scene in the hotel room really highlights the turmoil of their relationship and the strain it has put on the two of them.

The couple who at some points come together and show mutual agreements on politics but lack any empathy towards one another.

Doug Stamper (Michael Kelly) acts as the Presidents right hand man but uses his higher status to force what he wants. The President uses Doug to bully people into doing what he wants and to control his political party.

Frank stretches his political muscles but all these things create enemies and Frank should look over his shoulder with Russian pressures and his marriage in free fall. Frank has to cope with all sides closing in on his position.