Review: Shadowhunters

Review: Shadowhunters

29th March 2016 Off By Adam Bloomfield

Episode 11 – Blood Calls to Blood

Just two episodes remain in this season, so let’s commence with the review….

Well, for starters Isabelle is in a whole lot of trouble and Alec is desperate to save his sister, but with Jace and Clary in the wind it seems all hope is lost, especially when the Inquisitor Imogen Herondale (Mimi Kuzyk) arrives. The Inquisitor is sort of like the judge of all Shadowhunter law.

It seems Isabelle’s only hope is Magnus, but after the way Alec treated him, why should he help out? In fact, Magnus never helps out anyone without getting payment and there’s only one thing his heart truly desires.

The relationship that was suddenly blossoming between Alec and Magnus seems at a standstill as Alec coldly gives the warlock some harsh words.

Meanwhile, Simon continues to be trained in the ways of the Shadow World by Luke, much to Raphael’s annoyance. Vampires and Werewolves go together like oil and water in this mythos of the show.

While all this is going on Clary and Jace attempt to rescue Jocelyn from the clutches of Valentine but during the mission, a devastating secret is revealed that puts the kibosh on their romance and threatens to tear the two apart forever. Ah teen romance and drama, there’s nothing like it!

In the end, the heroes win the day but new complications and challenges have arisen in the bonds between the characters as romantic problems are pulling them apart. Simon is the only one to have escaped any damage this week since he’s off being his goofy self. So at least there’s a little light shed on everything.

Alec is still denying his true feelings and his bond with Jace is now weaker than ever due to his stubbornness to accept himself and break the rules for once in his tightly rigid life. Isabelle’s full return to her rebellious side is a much needed relief since she didn’t suit the whole cold, businesswoman thing.

Clary and Jace continue to act like a pair of loved up teenagers until this episode, so it’ll be interesting to see how they recover from that, if they are able to.

Next week is episode 12 and the episode I’ve been looking forward to all season! #Malec