Review: Shadowhunters Episode Twelve

31st March 2016 Off By Adam Bloomfield

This is it Malec fans, the one we’ve all be waiting for all season.

Everyone at the Institute is in high spirits as Alec and Lydia are set to be joined in holy matrimony but there are several complications in the way; the main one being that Alec doesn’t love Lydia, he loves Magnus!

But our little half angel warrior still refuses to listen to reason and is dead set on marrying Lydia, even though its blatantly obvious he doesn’t love her. Alec’s parents return from Idris and his mother wastes no time in becoming the mother Bridezilla. Alec finally gives Magnus the cold shoulder and my heart went out to the poor warlock. He’s just trying to get the man of his dreams.

Meanwhile Clary, Jace and Magnus seek the warlock Ragnor Fell in attempt to awaken Jocelyn from her coma. The love stung Magnus provides comic relief as Jace and Clary continue to deal with the fallout of last week’s horrifying revelations. Jace being awkward and avoiding Clary while she tries to deal with the situation with Simon and Isabelle’s help.

Bonds are mended and new friendships and relationships are born in this episode as Jace and Alec’s bond is restored while Clary and Alec begin a friendship with each other, at last.

Simon and Isabelle grow a little closer too. Ever since his transformation into a vampire, Isabelle has had her eye on him.

Myself and millions of fans can finally die happy now that we’ve seen this. Alec and the others have come a long way since the pilot episode as bonds and love have been broken but now seem to be beginning so here’s hoping the future of these people remains bright as the morning star ¬†at dawn.

With this penultimate episode over there is only one more episode left of season 1 so here’s hoping it’s a show stopping finale and by the angel…

Long live Malec, Clace and Sisabelle.

So to the wedding, everything seems to be going well until Magnus shows up and with Lydia’s blessing, Alec finally decides to follow his heart with this little clip…