Review: The Flash Season 2

31st March 2016 Off By Adam Bloomfield

With The Flash back off its winter vacation (a little reference for later) let’s see what the Scarlet Speedster and his friends at S.T.A.R Labs are doing…

Well for starters Barry is learning how to go faster and faster so he can one day beat Zoom, but first they have to deal with angry meta-human, Joey Monteleone aka Tar Pit; a superhuman who can transform himself into molten tar at will. He reminds you of Clayface from the Batman universe.

Caitlin and Jay continue to fall deeper in love with each other. It’s nice to see Caitlin finally open up again after all the trauma she’s been through. Cisco continues to develop his powers as Vibe and even receives help from Harrison Wells in controlling his powers.

Meanwhile, Iris struggles to bond with her brother Wally and he has little to no interest in the lives of Iris or Joe so it’ll be interesting to see how this new family unit develops over the rest of the rest of the season. Maybe there’ll be some sibling rivalry between Barry and Wally as well, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Harrison also attempts to rescue his daughter Jesse from the clutches of Zoom but to do so he will have to betray Barry and the team.

In the end, the heroes always triumph so Barry and the others decide to head to Zoom’s turf on Earth 2 and rescue Jesse.



Episode 13 – Welcome to Earth-2

At last we get to see Earth-2 in its full and given the story of this episode, I have been dying for this one for ages.

Barry, Cisco and Wells cross a dimensional breach to reach Earth-2 and rescue Jesse from Zoom, and the special effects for this futuristic city are stunning but things in this world aren’t all they seem.

In this episode we are introduced to the Earth-2 versions of the main cast.

Earth-2 Barry is an awkward, timid, nerd who dresses like a bad 50’s character, Iris is a police officer with Central City P.D and Joe is a musician with a cold relationship with Barry over Iris; but the big thing here is the villains of the episode.

I have been waiting for the debut of Killer Frost for a long time although, I was a bit disappointed it wasn’t Earth-1 Caitlin Snow taking her comic book mantle, but I like this incarnation all the same.

This cold hearted ice queen was teamed up with Earth-2 Ronnie aka Deathstorm and last but not least there’s Cisco’s doppelganger, Reverb who has Cisco’s powers but far more powerful and dangerous, he even remarks Cisco is more powerful than he realises.

It’s good to see these doppelgangers in new ways because it presents endless possibilities for the story line and provides a good look at the dark side’s of each character.

Back on Earth-1 Caitlin, Iris, Joe and Jay attempt to deal with new meta-human Geomancer who can create tremors and earthquakes, but with Jay powerless and Barry gone, how will they deal with him? Leave it up to Miss Snow and her science expertise.

In the end, the villain this time triumphs as Zoom captures Barry-1, leaving Barry-2, Cisco-1 and Wells to mount a dangerous rescue mission. A jam packed episode with plenty of action and the debut of my favourite female supervillain makes for a kick ass entry into the Flash mythos.


Episode 14 – Escape From Earth-2

The second part of the Earth-2 drama sees the remaining heroes attempt to rescue Barry and Jesse then get back to Earth-1 before the doorway is sealed forever. Back on Earth-1 Caitlin develops something that could help Jay with his speed.

In order to find the captives, Cisco, Barry-2 and Wells have to hunt down Killer Frost and convince them to help her. She is the ice queen of Central City so why should she help them? Cisco is able to reach Caitlin-2 underneath all that ice and persuades her to help them so the team set off to Zoom’s lair.

Meanwhile, Barry attempts to escape from Zoom with Jesse but they meet a mysterious man with an iron helmet on and his true identity is a total mystery and the writers have given no clue to who he is. Excellent I love a good mystery and there’s plenty of speculation.

Killer Frost leads them to Zoom’s hideout but betrayals and battles are rife as Barry and the others flee back to Earth-1 but pay a terrible price for doing so.┬áPlenty of drama, action and a shocking ending make a good episode.