Top 10 Fictional Mercenaries/ Bounty Hunters

Top 10 Fictional Mercenaries/ Bounty Hunters

14th April 2016 Off By Paul Farrell

To celebrate the release of Deadpool, here’s a list of the 10 best fictional hired guns

Deadpool, the film everyone went nuts over – to celebrate “the merc with a mouth’s” arrival on the big screen, here are the Top 10 fictional mercenaries/ bounty hunters.

10. Homer Jay Simpson and Nedward “Ned” Flanders

I’m not joking, in the episode Sex, Pies and Idiot Scrapes, Homer and Ned team up to become bounty hunters and Ned even becomes God’s own hitman and begins killing people. Homer hates in Tree House of Horror 22’s episode, Dial D for Diddly. While their time as bounty hunters only lasted one episode, it is enough to have them on this list. In addition, Homer would eventually find a Private Security Company in the episode The Frying Game, so that technically classes him as a mercenary – as many companies have their own security branch mixed in with Private Security Contractors, so the two share the number ten spot due to their limited mercenary work.

9. Eric Myres and Mr. Collins

Bet you were surprised to see an entry from the Power Rangers on here. And, yes, I am counting Mr Collins as a mercenary, as he founded the Silver Guardians. Initially Eric and Mr Collins were only willing to help those who could afford their services. And, shortly after the founding of the Silver Guardians, Eric gained the quantum ranger powers and this prompted Mr Collins to make him leader of the Silver Guardians. However, they do lose some points due to the fact that at the end of Time Force, and in the Wild Force two parter, Reinforcements from the Future, they made their services free.

8. Rouge the Bat

First appearing in Sonic Adventure 2, Rouge is technically a mercenary with expensive services and as a jewel thief Rouge offers her services to the human military organisation G.U.N in Sonic Adventure 2, Rouge attempts to steal the master emerald. However, towards the end of the game, it is revealed she has been hired by the government to investigate Project Shadow and stop Dr Eggman. But it is implied she is only doing this to get her hands on a jewel which is her main motivation through out the series.

7. Naked Snake AKA Big Boss

First appearing in Metal Gear for the MSX, Naked Snake is one of gaming’s more famous mercenaries. Originally a member of the high tech special operations unit FOXHOUND, Snake, eventually had to kill his mentor, The Boss – where he took the name Big Boss. Afterwards, he began to create a private military corporation, called Millitares San Frontieres – an “army without a nation”. He  then created Diamond Dogs, eventually resulting in Outer Heaven which leads to the events of the Metal Gear Solid series.

6. Lyle Rorke

How can a list like this exist without a Disney villain? While Clayton may be more famous, Rorke gets my vote for possibly most hands on Disney villain, as he’s the type of man who would kill for a fortune. In Atlantis: The Lost Empire, Rorke appears as some kind of a parental figure to protagonist Milo. However, once they discover atlantis Rorke, it finally shows his true colours as a mercenary. Even though people may say that Rorke is a cliched villain it works for him, as he comes across as a dangerous man, especially since the movie takes place around the start of the first world war and a mercenary at that time is a dangerous thing.

5. Lawrence Mundy

Any of the Team Fortress 2 mercenaries could have made it on here, from the war crazed Soldier to the mysterious Pyro. But Lawrence Mundy, aka The Sniper, takes this spot due to the fact that the sniper is my favourite class to play in most first person shooters. Lawrence is a former wildlife hunter and part-time alien observer from the rugged Australian outback. He has honed his skills of patience and long range accuracy and apparently he once slept in the corpse of a water buffalo. He was eventually hired to become a long ranged assassin, possessing the highest damage hitscan weapon out of all of tf2 with his wide array of sniper rifles. There is the hitman’s heatmaker which builds focus. The bazaar bargin for real pros, the machina which can go through multiple targets, the Sydney sleeper which is for support snipers, Lawrence is even an archer with the huntsman equipped, needles to say Lawrence is quite the mercenary and he more than makes this list

4.  Deathstroke

Could it be anyone else? Slade “Deathstroke” Wilson is the DC comics version of deadpool however unlike deadpool, Deathstroke is more serious and can either be your greatest enemy or your greatest ally depending on who plays the bills, Slade Wilson was an us soldier and got married to one of his superiors but in order to protect his family he tried to make himself resistant to truth serums, but the serum backfired and Slade took on the guise of Deathstroke and became a mercenary, he has recently appeared in DC’s legends of tomorrow series and is known for terrorising the Teen Titans. armed with two machine guns, two pistols, a precision carbine rifle and a Promethium Sword, as well as a flashbang grenade with trace bits of kyrptonite and regenerative promethium armour, he’s the most deadly assassin in the DC universe

3. Dante

Devil May Cry’s 90’s style action hero Dante is an ideal pick for this list, he is technically a mercenary… From hell, Dante is a mercenary who specialises in hunting down demons, even though a lot of his weapons are named after forms of demons His two pistols are called Ebony and Ivory, his main sword Rebellion, Yamato which he “borrowed” from his brother, Nevan – a demonic electric guitar, Lucifer – a backpack with spiked projectiles and finally Pandora – a suitcase that can turn into 666 different weapons. Needless to say Dante is a badass and bare in mind how many mercenaries can kill demons by challenging them to a game of billiards. That alone secured him on this list.

2. Boba Fett

Of course Boba Fett would be on this list. I mean it is Boba Fett, the deadliest bounty hunter in the Star Wars galaxy, the cloned “son” of Jango Fett and after his father’s death at the hands of Jedi Master Mace Windu. Boba Fett became a feared bounty hunter throughout the galaxy, with his Mandolorian Body armour which has been reported to resist Lightsaber blows, equipped with hyper cord whips, flamethrowers, concussion grenades. He also carries a K-11 Blaster pistol and an EE-3 blaster carbine rifle, and unlike its E-11 cousin, the EE-3 can actually hit something. His Z-6 jetpack also contains anti-tank missiles and he also possesses some lightsabers which he “borrowed” from numerous Jedi. However, he loses the top spot because he’s fallen into the Sarlaac Pit 3 separate times.

1. Samus Aran

There was no doubt that gaming’s first lady could take nothing less than number 1. Born on Earth Colony K-2L,  Samus lived peacefully until the colony was ransacked by Space Pirates, led by her future arch nemesis Ridley. The giant space dragon would have killed Samus if it weren’t for the sacrifice of her mother Virginia Aran and her father Rodney Aran, who sacrificed himself to stop the Space Pirates, leaving Samus as the sole survivor of the raid. However, she was raised by the Chozo – ancient bird like aliens – who infused Samus with their own DNA and raised her to be a warrior. Eventually she became the most feared woman in the galaxy. Her Chozo Power Suit further enhances her abilities and even has several modes, Varia for enviornmental protection, Gravity to walk underwater, Dark which allows her to resist Dark Aether and provides an immunity to Phazon, Light for immunity to Dark Aether, Fusion which feeds on X Parasites, and the Zero Suit which Samus wears underneath her power suit. Her main weapon, however, is the Arm Cannon which is a high powered plasma cannon which can be charged and can be modified to fire ice and wave shots, Missiles, Phazon Weapons and the Grapple Beam. Samus can also traverse the skies with her Screw Attack and traverse small spaces and her morph ball, which is equipped with power bombs. There is a reason why outlaws and Space Pirates alike fear the name Samus Aran, also her surname deviates from the middle name of the Footballer Edson Arantes do Nascimento, aka Pele.