Preview: Black Ops 3 – Zetsobou No Shima

Preview: Black Ops 3 – Zetsobou No Shima

13th April 2016 Off By Paul Farrell

Black Ops 3’s Second DLC brings with it the disturbing side of nature for its new zombies map, Zetsobou No Shima.

Zetsobou No Shima (絶望の島: Island of Despair) is the latest instalment of the Call of Duty Zombies saga.

the trailer begins with our four heroes: Tank Dempsey (voiced by Steve Blum), Dr. Edward Richtofen (voiced by Nolan North), Nikolai Belinski (voiced by Fred Tasticore) and Takeo Masaki (voiced by Tom Kane ), holding onto a overturned life boat.

It then cuts to a shot of some flowers on the island itself with Takeo, narrating just as Der Eisendrache had Dempsey narrating.

The map looks to feature some disturbing perversions of nature and plant life – a plant appears to kill a zombie in the trailer and players are able to use propellors and jet engines as traps.

Also, spiders appear to replace the Hellhounds and a portion of the map is underwater.

In addition, some of the new weapons include the Marshall pistol (dual wielded) the MX Garand and HG-40.

The map itself ALSO appears to be inspired by Shi No Numa but with more of an emphasis on showcasing the effect of Element 115 on plants and other animals.

The Zombie models appear to be Imperial Japanese Army. However, they also have growths spouting off them similar to the zombies of Shangri-La, and there is also a boss zombie which appears to be heavily mutated by the 115 experiments on the plant life of the island.

Many await the arrival of this map with baited breath and I am no exception.

Black Ops 3 Eclipse launched on PS4 on March 19.