Busted “Coming Home” – Single Review

6th May 2016 Off By Paul Barclay

Yes, Busted are a massively guilty pleasure. Their first two albums, 2002s self-titled release and 2004s, A Present For Everyone, are filled with cheesy guitar-pop songs that make you want to bounce and smile.

Now, they are back after splitting in 2005 with their new single Coming Home, from their as-yet-untitled upcoming album.

Will they adhere to their formula and make fun, teeny anthems which make you want to dance or will elements of their other endeavours, such as Charlie Simpson’s band Fightstar creep into their makeup?

Quite simply, this new song is an absolute mess. If it did not say that it was Busted, you would probably never guess, with a possible exception to that being Simpson’s identifiable vocal style.

It is a synth filled pop mess, and has nothing about it that made Busted what they were. It has no hook or anything approaching something that you can dance to.

It is always commendable when a band or artist tries something different so that they do not become stale. But with that in mind, when you release a song that is the first new material in over 10 years, it is probably advisable to do something that connects to your audience in the way that your original material.

After the disappointment that came with Fightstar’s last album, Behind The Devil’s Back, which was dreadful, there was hope that maybe something more fun would be good to hear. Sadly, this is not that. Not hooky, not fun and to be honest, not Busted.