Stacey McMaster

Five Christmas foods we will miss

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It’s over and we’re missing them already! Northern Lights have put together a wish list that we wish e could have all year and not just for the holidays.


  1. Pigs in Blankets- These little treats are a staple at our Christmas dinner table. If we’re lucky the pastry will actually be shaped like adorable little piglets.
  2. Turkey with stuffing and cranberry sauce- Delicious and traditional main meal at Christmas. However Turkey wasn’t actually always the main bird at the table. Before Charles Dickens’s Christmas carol with the Cratchits it was actually goose or duck.
  3. Egg Nogg- Some people might say “Bah Humbug!” to this Yule tide drink but it’s a classic and not all of us hate it. All right you do but it does need to be included.
  4. Gingerbread and Pumpkin Latte- Costa you have made my days so much better with your seasonal greetings of deliciousness. You only really do this at winter time but that makes them so much more special.
  5. Candy Canes- My personal favourite that I always hang on the Christmas tree. The Christmas candy cane originated 250 years ago in Germany but we probably wouldn’t recognise them. They started off as straight white sugar sticks rather than decorated with red or green. It is thought they changed shape to resemble the shepherds crooks.