New Alien: Covenant trailer brings the monsters

1st March 2017 Off By Paul Barclay

A new trailer for upcoming sci-fi horror Alien: Covenant has been released and has given a good look at some of the xenomorphs we can expect to see, including the original H. R. Giger creation that launched the franchise.

Directed by Alien director Ridley Scott, Covenant is a sequel to Prometheus, which Scott also directed, and is the story of a colonisation ship which lands on a planet which looks like paradise. They soon learn that it is far from it.

As a prequel to the original Alien, Covenant looks like it will fir perfectly into the classic franchise. The tone and look of the trailer brings to mind to dark, grimy hallways of the Nostromo in Alien. After the mixed reaction for Prometheus, this looks like it will be far closer to what fans want.

Alien: Covenant is due to be released May 19.