Sonic Colours Review

Sonic Colours Review

20th March 2017 Off By Paul Farrell

To celebrate that little splash of colour coming back into the world today, here we have Sonic’s most colourful adventure yet.

So today is both world happiness day and the first day of spring, and I got to thinking, what makes us happy and i realised spring makes us happy because of so many beautiful colours coming back into the world, and well the next Sonic game i gotta review is Sonic Colours so you know what i’ll review Sonic Colours just for today, as not only is it colourful in the sense that there is such a diversity in the colour pallet but its also got hilarious writing, so lets get started.

The story starts off rather pleasantly with Sonic (now voiced by comedian Roger Craig Smith) and Tails (voiced by singer Kate Higgins) arrive at Eggman’s newest creation: A planet sized amusement park, with five attractions orbiting the main resort those being: Sweet Mountain a land of candy which is just dandy, complete with missiles full of jelly beans, note eating the rides is prohibited, the star light carnival, a dazzling parade of neon lit starships, Planet wisp, a planet inhabited by cute creatures called wisps though its still under construction, Aquarium Park, a water world of wonder complete with all sorts of aquatic life and finally asteroid coaster, A roller-coaster ride through an asteroid belt, just be sure not to lose your lunch in zero gravity.

Sonic and Tails arrive to try and make sure Eggman isn’t up to anything with this new interstellar amusement park, though something seems a little off with the wisps, as two of eggman’s robots, Orbot and Cubot (voiced by Kirk Thornton and Wally Wingert respectively) attempted to catch two of the wisps, Tails eventually discovers that the wisps themselves were brought along with their home planet when eggman took it for his amusement park, now Eggman is draining the wisps of their power called Hyper go-ons to fuel a new mind control cannon.

story is all and all less serious than most sonic stories that came before, this is due to the fact that starting with colours more emphasis is put on comedy which explains why sonic is being voiced by a comedian.

Gameplay is similar to unleashed’s day stages with a boost, homing attack and all sorts, but the main gameplay gimmick comes from the wisps, there are 10 different types of wisps and the colour of the wisp gives them a different ability, White wisps give sonic his boost ability which is relatively basic and White wisps are very sociable and can talk for hours on end, exclusive to the DS version Red wisps allow sonic to turn into a living fireball where he can build up energy and create explosions, Red Wisps themselves are very lively but a little scatterbrained, Cyan wisps turn Sonic into a living light, a laser if you will, allowing him to ricochet off walls and access certain pathways, Cyan wisps are constantly on the go and like their red brothers, are a little scatter brained, Yellow wisps turn Sonic into a torpedo like drill allowing him to tunnel through the earth and move through the water with ease, they’re also fairly fond of earth and water, Orange wisps turn Sonic into a rocket propelling him straight up though they can be fairly sensitive, Blue wisps are exclusive to the wii version and can turn blue rings into blocks and vice versa, their puzzle solving ability makes them the most intelligent wisps and are the leaders, Green wisps like their blue brothers are exclusive to the wii version and can give sonic the ability to fly and hover, Green wisps are loveable yet a little goofy, Pink wisps turn sonic into a spiked ball that can stick to surfaces, Pink Wisps can be harsh but they’re also kind by nature.

Then there are the two nega-wisps Violet and Purple, these guys have had their hyper-go-on energy drained both are fairly savage, Purple wisps give sonic the frenzy ability which chomps all before it and finally the violet wisps turn sonic into a black hole that sucks everything in, it should be noted that violet wisps are also exclusive to the DS Version.

The music for this game is very upbeat and very light hearted, truth be told, this is probably one of my favourite soundtracks in sonic history, Unleashed had my favourite story, Heroes had my favourite gameplay, this one is tied with Secret Rings and Heroes for my favourite soundtrack, the level design mirrors some of the sound track perfectly, i mean Aquarium Park is one of my favourite sonic levels and my favourite video game water level, so yeah, a 3D sonic game that has a good soundtrack, great levels, a water level that doesn’t suck and a well received gimmick.

So what do I like about this game, well its just so upbeat and happy, the comedy is well written and honestly it is a blast to play through it’s fun and full of unique gameplay, the colour powers are insanely creative and fun to use, I even have a hard time figuring out which one is my favourite, that and Tails’ mishaps with his translator are pretty funny and honestly the only problem I have is that some of the levels can be a little short and some of the bosses are recycled but hey what are you gonna do?

Overall Sonic Colours gets an A rank from myself if the bosses were a little more imaginative then it would have received an S rank but an A rank is the second highest rating I can give and honestly find this game and have a colourful adventure of your own.