Indie Dream-Pop Band, LANY Release Track-list For Upcoming Album

Indie Dream-Pop Band, LANY Release Track-list For Upcoming Album

20th March 2017 Off By WorkEx 18

American Dream-Pop artists ‘LANY’ (Short for ‘Los Angeles, New York’) have released a track-listing for their upcoming self-titled debut album, boasting 16 tracks including a previous fan favourite single, ‘ILYSB’.

Following the spark of popularity for the single ‘ILYSB’ originally featured on the first EP ‘Acronyms’ in 2014, the band revealed an upcoming tour and the track-listing for the new album. The band announced back in 2016 that they were working on material for a fully fledged album after their previously released EP’s, featuring 4 to 6 tracks within them. The album has now been confirmed as containing the following:

1: Dumb Stuff

2: The Breakup

3: Super Far

4: Overtime

5: Flowers On The Floor

6: Parents


8: 13

9: Hericane

10: Hurts

11: Good Girls

12: Pancakes

13: Tampa

14: Purple Teeth

15: So, Soo Pretty

16: It Was Love

Listeners of the album will be treated to Fifteen new songs including the single ‘Good Girls’ released earlier this year as well as the recurring favourite ‘ILYSB’.

The song ‘Good Girls’ is available to stream on Spotify and YouTube now while other songs from the album (namely ‘Dumb Stuff’, ‘The Breakup’, ‘Purple Teeth’ and ‘It Was Love’) were recorded during recent live shows and uploaded to YouTube.

For those of you who haven’t heard of LANY, I would personally recommend them if you happen to like bands such as The 1975, The Japanese House and Halsey, or if you happen to enjoy Dream-Pop.

‘LANY’ will be released on June 30 2017.