War for the Planet of the Apes- Preview

War for the Planet of the Apes- Preview

3rd April 2017 Off By Paul Farrell

The third of the planet of the apes prequels sees a potential war between humans and apes.

Planet of the apes’ third chapter is coming and it looks to pick up where Rise of Planet of the Apes left off which in my opinion is a great movie.

The trailers show once again Caesar leading his apes, this time to war against an army of humans lead by a colonel of the US Army, picking up from the last film’s cliffhanger and the aftermath of Koba’s Assault on the Human Stronghold, as the war rages on, Caesar struggles to contain his darker instincts and embarks on a quest to avenge his fallen brothers, though the orangutang who served as his most loyal follower has adopted a young human girl, and the Colonel is having his own inner struggle, struggling to cope with the loss of his infant son, now two commanders face each other in a battle to decide the fate of not only themselves, or their species, but the fate of the planet itself.

The trailers do a great job at portraying the characters, Caesar is not the villain nor is the Colonel they’re just two commanders on opposite sides, both have everything to play for and an awful lot is on the line, while the colonel has nothing left to lose accept his men and the human species, Caesar has his brothers, his family and his two sons, the apes already suffered heavy casualties during Koba’s reign not just from humans, Koba killed any insubordinates, and during the battle between Caesar and Koba more apes died, and now they’re facing an army of trained human soldiers, with more advanced weaponry and even vehicles.

Both trailers have a heavy emphasis on the feelings of a final battle, almost as if Rise showcases the start of a revolution, Dawn as an initial opening skirmish, as well as a calm before the storm, and now War for Planet of the Apes is exactly that, All out gorrilla warfare, in video game terms, Rise was the first boss, Dawn was the big reveal and now War is the Final Boss, though at the same time both trailers have a feeling of tragedy, it honestly reminds me of the mw2 mission whiskey hotel, just a feeling of all or nothing.

Be ready, as war is coming to Planet of the Apes on July 14 2017.