The Mummy (2017) – Preview

The Mummy (2017) – Preview

3rd April 2017 Off By Paul Farrell

The long awaited return to Egypt will soon be upon us as the Mummy will return to the silver screen this year

The Mummy is being rebooted after the mixed reception of 2008’s Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, this installment though is returning to Egypt and steering away from the 1940’s and 50’s ¬†setting and going for more of a modern day look.

The Film itself stars US Marine Nick Morton (played by Tom Cruise) Replacing Brendan Fraiser’s, Rick O’Connell. After a mission in Egypt goes south and he ends up on the run from Generic Obviously-Islamic Terrorist Group Number-1337 when their firefight ends up creating a fairly big crater revealing what seems to be an ancient Egyptian tomb, the army then calls in their resident Egyptian archeological expert Jenny Halsey (played by Annabelle Willis) sadly with no relation to Dr. Catherine Halsey of the halo series, and replacing Rachel Weisz’s Evelyn “Evie” O’Connell, Nick and Jenny then enter the tomb with Sgt. Vail (played by Jake Johnson) when Jenny eventually discovers that its not a tomb but a prison, kinda like in the original 1999 movie, they recover a sarcophagus from the prison and according to the hieroglyphs, the inhabitant was named Ahmanet.

Back in ancient Egypt, Ahmanet was the daughter of a Pharaoh and was his heir chosen to be Egypt’s queen, however her lust for power lead to her adopting some dark arts and assassinating her father, she eventually embraces the dark arts and she needed to be stopped, as a result, she was mummified alive and buried beneath the sands of Egypt, never to be released however over the millennia she eventually began to develop a grudge against humanity and now she has been resurrected to exact her revenge and reclaim what was denied to her all those years ago.

As a result, her curse ends up summoning a huge flock of birds to destroy the plane she is on, killing most on board except for Halsey, though Nick is killed in the crash, he too is resurrected, mostly due to the fact that he was the idiot who let her out so basically he’s gotta clean up the mess he made.

The movie itself goes all over the world even to Oxford and Surrey here in the UK, I guess this means Ahmanet is mad about brexit? also the design of Ahmanet is pretty cool she has some kind of hieroglyphs tattooed on her body which give her dark powers, and she’s also being played by Sofia Boutella.

Overall, things are looking good for this return to Egypt, honestly it looks really good especially with tom cruise himself on board, The Mummy returns to the big screen on June 9th 2017.