Sonic Lost world – Review

Sonic Lost world – Review

12th April 2017 Off By Paul Farrell

The Final stop on our mainstream tour of the Sonic series and the Blue Hedgehog’s most recent adventure.

After generations, SEGA Released only one spin-off title, but now available for the Wii U and PC, Sonic Lost World.

The Story picks up on an odd little world called Hex where Eggman has captured some more animals and is back to his old animals to robots ways, and as a result Sonic and Tails are in pursuit, however it is later revealed that Eggman has new allies, a group of creatures called Zeti, more specifically, these Zeti are the Deadly Six, comprised of Six Members, Zavok, Zomom, Zazz, Zeena, Zor and Master Zik.

However, it is later revealed that the six have their own plan and after Sonic destroys the one item keeping them at bay, The Deadly Six overthrow Eggman and prepare to destroy Sonic’s World using a life energy draining machine to make themselves stronger, so Sonic and Eggman are forced to team up to bring these six monsters down.

Gameplay is actually pretty good, it’s a 3D sonic game where you control the speed and more of an emphasis on Platforming and sonic’s new Parkour abilities, in addition new colour powers and more wisps are available; Crimson, Black, Indigo, Gray, Ivory and Magenta.

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Crimson wisps give sonic the crimson eagle ability which allow him to fly for a short time.Indigo gives sonic the Indigo Asteroid which is a combination of Frenzy and Void from sonic colours, where it turns sonic into a black hole that sucks in items and enemies and he grows larger with the more items absorbed. Ivory wisps give Sonic the Ivory Lighting ability which turns sonic into a living lightning bolt capable of locking onto and stunning enemies.

Gray wisps give sonic the Gray Quake Ability which is like a blend of cube and spikes where sonic becomes an iron ball and scales walls but also creates shockwaves which destroy nearby enemies. Magenta Wisps give Sonic the Magenta Rhythm ability where sonic becomes a musical note and can collect musical notes to move around and even turn upside down and bounce. Finally, Black wisps give Sonic the Black Bomb ability, where Sonic becomes a giant bomb that rolls toward enemies before exploding.

The Parkour system is a pretty good way of getting around, running toward a wall then running up said wall is a pretty impressive move to pull off, in addition to that the levels reflect this new gameplay style with more focus on platforming rather than speed, though the game rewards you for your good platforming skills with some more speed, in addition the Homing attack now has a bit of a deadeye targeting feature meaning you can target multiple enemies or items at once.

In addition the Deadly six are my favourite sonic villains, and their boss fights are pretty good, though one downside is that the difficulty can be fairly unbalanced at some points especially on the 3DS where the homing attack could actually potentially lead to a game over at some points.

Lost world is a solid A rank, if the difficulty had been a little more balanced it would have been an S rank but it deserves an A.

Happy 25th birthday Sonic!