Vinyl revival: 10 Records you need to own

Vinyl revival: 10 Records you need to own

12th April 2017 Off By WorkEx 18

With vinyl sales booming over the past few years, here at Northern Lights we have compiled a list of my top ten records (in no particular order) and why we think they’re essentials in everyones record collection, keeping it to ten proved harder than originally anticipated.

The Beatles (1968) – The Beatles. 

It goes without saying that you need to own at least one Beatles album, so it makes sense for you to buy the best one – Anyone who thinks it’s revolver shouldn’t be trusted.  The Beatles self titled album, includes in my opinion some of their best songs, with a more ‘whimsical’ vibe than some of their other albums. Hailed by critics as one of the best albums of all time it’s a must for anyone, never mind Beatles fans.

Little Girl in Blue (1958) – Nina Simone.

Arguably my favourite album ever, I can’t really put it into words, it’s just perfect. Simone could sing jingles and they’d be heavenly, but there’s something about this album, it’s worth buying just for Don’t Smoke in Bed. Whack it on, have a glass of wine and just sit it’s such a relaxing album.

Definitely Maybe (1994) – Oasis. 

Oasis’ debut album, and by far their best includes some of their most iconic tracks. It’s one of those albums where you know every song, and one I keep going back too. I just feel like this album really feels like ‘Oasis’ it’s before everything went majorly downhill and listening to it makes me feel like it’s still pre-Knebworth (and my birth) and that one of the best bands of all time, are still together.

Are You Experienced (1967) – The Jimi Hendrix Experience. 

Why don’t you own this album? The riffs, the lyrics everything about it is just oozes cool and sex appeal. Again it’s one of those albums that I can’t really put into words why you need it, you just do. It’s a classic. I never really got why people loved Hendrix, till I listened to this and it made sense, something about this record on vinyl is just sexy? Trust me on this one, and go out and buy it.

The Stone Roses (1989) – The Stone Roses.

The Stone Roses self titled album is without a doubt their best. Every track on the album is a classic, and they still play most of these songs live (they’re insane live for the record) and the songs are as current as ever. Even after all these years it’s still refreshing, there’s still nothing else like it, despite Oasis’ best efforts, and lets be real we’ve all wanted to be Ian Brown at one point.

Hunky Dory (1971) – David Bowie.

You probably already own this record, if not you need to go buy it immediately before anyone finds out. It’s by far the best Bowie record including the likes of Andy Warhol and Song for Bob Dylan which are quiet favourites of mine. It also includes classics, like Life on Mars? and Changes every Bowie record is worth having but there’s something about Hunky Dory although Ziggy Stardust is a close second.

The Libertines (2004) – The Libertines. 

The most recent album on my list is the Libs self-titled album, even after years, a break up and reunion this album almost feels new. The anger, the energy is still present and the lyrics are still very relatable. Something which translates very well live, and still produce insane crowds at their gigs. I’d argue that this is the only Libertines album you need to get what there about and understand the dynamic between Doherty and Barât. The sooner you listen to this album, and the sooner you see this band live you’ll understand what the hypes about.

The Velvet Underground (1967)  & Nico – VU & Nico. 

Recognised as one of the greatest and most influential album of all time, there’s no surprise it’s on the list. Again I feel that this album is quite relaxing, it’s somber and peaceful whilst the lyrics deal with topics like drug use and prostitution.  Loads of bands have been influenced by VU and this album from Arctic Monkeys to David Bowie. Without a doubt, a classic and a record you need to own.

Tin Drum (1981) – Japan. 

Japans last and best album, it’s unique and challenging and one of my favourite albums. It feels really oriental and in all honesty I think i’m most drawn to it because it’s so unusual and I’ve never heard anything else like it.

X (1990)- INXS.

X is a really fun album, I personally think everything INXS has brought out as ‘fun’ and this album in particular is just perfect for singing along too.