13 Reasons Why: Controversial or a PSA?

13 Reasons Why: Controversial or a PSA?

19th May 2017 Off By Ryan Prentice

The newly released Netflix series, 13 Reasons Why, has become a hugely popular series despite it centralising around a sensitive subject.

In the series, Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford) leaves seven tapes for Clay Jenson (Dylan Minnette), her high school friend and crush, following her suicide.

On the cassette tapes Hannah explains the 13 reasons why she decided to take her life. The teen-drama has been criticised for their very graphic suicide scene.

Student, Tiffany Ramsey, believes that the characters and situations in this series are very relatable but understands why it is controversial: “You will get people who can relate to the characters and will help them understand it’s not the only option.

“But for others it might glamourise the thought of suicide, and bring a lot more attention to the thought.”

Tiffany also believes that the series wouldn’t have been as effective if it had been on television, rather than Netflix: “I feel like people would have lost interest after a couple of weeks, I wouldn’t have kept watching after the first couple if I had to wait weekly for episodes.”

Another student, Kyle Craggs, who had not heard of the series, thinks that the audience can still watch the show for a sense of escapism: “Definitely, because it’s almost too real for some people so it would almost become a fantasy, but obviously there are some people who would have personal issues with the subject.”

13 Reasons Why has been confirmed to return for a second season on Netflix by producer, Selena Gomez.