The Punisher Season 2 – Preview

The Punisher Season 2 – Preview

7th January 2019 Off By Kamron Kent

Jon Bernthal is set to reprise his role as Marvel’s Frank Castle this year, in the new, up-and-coming season of The Punisher.

In the final episode of season one, we saw Frank Castle’s showdown with his former friend Billy Russo (Ben Barnes). Russo is seen bandaged up in a hospital after being stabbed gruesomely by Castle with a shard of a mirror at the carousel.

David Lieberman, aka Micro (Ebon Moss-Bachrach), finally saw his family in a heart-warming moment after spending the most of the season hidden away from them, hiding away from his former employer the NSA (National Security Agency) after faking his own death.

The First Teaser

The unknown man at the beginning of this teaser is highly likely to be Frank, because of the letter he reads: an ‘Unconditional Pardon’ to Frank Castle.

The individual ends up burning it, possibly suggesting Castle, ‘The Punisher’,  has gone back to his old ways of serving his own type of justice. Before the trailer ends, we see to what seems to be the pardon blow away and reveal The Punisher’s symbol in a pile of ash. 

The Second Teaser

The trailer once again doesn’t give much away, apart from one major part: Billy Russo is seen removing the bandages that we last saw him in at the hospital at the end of the last season.

Looking at his new appearance, it seems clear he is going to be the antagonist again in this season; there are a couple of clues given away in the trailer to suggest which particular Marvel villain he has become. At first, Castle says:

“Every time I try to put the pieces together, something won’t fit.”

By the end of the teaser,  you can easily connect the two dots: Russo is now Jigsaw.

As the trailers only focus on the characters of Castle and Russo, it is unclear how the season will pan out. For now, we know for sure it’s coming to Netflix – maybe for the last time – on January 18, 2019.