Single Review: Cats That Bark – O’Rileys

Single Review: Cats That Bark – O’Rileys

15th February 2021 Off By Ewan Gleadow

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Music must have meaning. When words and lyrical leaps are made for the sake of it, there is a lack of emotion to be found. Cats That Bark, a four-piece band from Hull, provide a loving ode to their eponymous venue with latest single O’Rileys 

Some talented guitar riffs and an exceptional, crashing drum session open the way for O’Rileys. Vocalist Dan blends his love letter to the venue with typical punk kicks, the benefit here being the inclusion of studio bonuses. The ringing of a bell to announce the fights of old, and the blistering reminiscence of  

With a crescendo that looks to lift from Eye of the Tiger, it is here the lyrics begin to peter out. A repetition of the title with a repetition of “Nah, nah nah” is an underwhelming end to a track that is barely two minutes long, but it certainly leaves something to be desired.  

A fine, fast track that will serve as a strong introduction to a punk band that feel less hardcore than the prominent powers of the genre thus far. O’Rileys is well-paced and sounds great, but the lyrics have plenty of room to expand, but don’t reach for the highs it could have been. It misses that extra spark that gives lyrics such memorable prominence. 

You can listen to O’Riley’s on Spotify.