Single Review: IN Peril – Bad Dreams and Battering Rams

Single Review: IN Peril – Bad Dreams and Battering Rams

17th February 2021 Off By Ewan Gleadow

Copyright: IN Peril

Conventional narratives and strokes of predictability, IN Peril’s latest track, Bad Dreams and Battering Rams is your usual display of steady, unchanging guitar riffs and a singer throwing all the messages and constructed imagery he can at a flagging project. 

A song two minutes too long, yet its opening half is the weaker portion. When Bad Dreams and Battering Rams focuses on its lyrical style, it is unfortunately weak. Muted speech that drones through a cavalcade of imagery made solely to provoke the mind, rather than to display a narrative or attach itself to anything that could be feasibly linked together. 

Vague tones prevail, and it is here that IN Peril must rely on their strong musical sense, their guitars lead the way, cutting through foggy lyrics like a beam of light. It is a saving grace that stops the track from spiralling beyond the point of salvation.  

It clamours for the days when this sort of foregone track would be well-received, but the times have changed, and the mainstream has moved past the static verse, chorus, verse, solo, verse style of song writing. A shame, too, since the guitar work throughout is exceptional, it is the defining piece that holds Bad Dreams and Battering Rams together.