Single Review: Jay Morgan – Someone to Hold While You Cry

Single Review: Jay Morgan – Someone to Hold While You Cry

20th February 2021 Off By Ewan Gleadow

Copyright: Obsidian

Whether writing a song in the early stages of your career or penning your first piece over two decades in, the fear that must grip some songwriters is infectious. Jay Morgan’s firs track, Someone to Hold While You Cry, marks his debut not as a performer, but as a writer. 

His clear vocal talent shines through a rather presumptive and established pop sound, the sedative this sleek production brings is enough to put rest to any moment that will excel with creative energy. 

A shame that may be, it is an inevitable by-product of the pop genre. The “woah, woah woah’s” that kick the track off are common, and not utilised in any way that would suggest artistic or authorial credit. Still, Morgan can overcome these odds rather easily.  

Morgan has a good voice, but his lyrical talents leave something more to be desired. He grapples with his tones and message rather well, unashamedly pop-oriented, but that style fails to stand out here, especially when coupled to working-class woes.  

You can listen to Someone to Hold You While You Cry on Spotify.